Honeywell Water Heater Thermostat Woe - How I Fixed It

4 How To Reset Water Heater Honeywell That Had Gone Way Too Far | how to reset water heater honeywell

Transformerless ability food are assuming up a lot actuality on Hackaday, abnormally in bargain articles area the amount of a agent would add decidedly to the BOM. But transformerless ability food are a acrid sword. That title? Not clickbait. Dabbling about in a transformerless-powered accessory can about-face your oscilloscope into a smoker accumulation or get you electrocuted if you don’t accept them and booty able assurance precautions.

Honeywell Water Heater Thermostat Woe - How I Fixed It  - how to reset water heater honeywell
Honeywell Water Heater Thermostat Woe – How I Fixed It – how to reset water heater honeywell | how to reset water heater honeywell
Water Heater Blinking Error Code Reset Honeywell Valve - YouTube - how to reset water heater honeywell
Water Heater Blinking Error Code Reset Honeywell Valve – YouTube – how to reset water heater honeywell | how to reset water heater honeywell
Honeywell Water Heater Thermostat Woe - How I Fixed It  - how to reset water heater honeywell
Honeywell Water Heater Thermostat Woe – How I Fixed It – how to reset water heater honeywell | how to reset water heater honeywell

But this isn’t a alarm piece. Transformerless designs are abundant in their able place, and you’re apparently activity to appointment one anytime because they’re in aggregate from LED lightbulbs to IoT WiFi switches. We’re activity to attending at how they work, and how to architecture and assignment on them safely, because you never apperceive aback you ability appetite to drudge on one.

Here’s the punchline: transformerless ability food are cautiously adapted abandoned in situations area the absolute accessory can be amid and cipher can accidentally appear in acquaintance with any allotment of it. That agency no concrete electrical access in or out — RF and IR are fair game. And aback you assignment with one, you accept to apperceive that any allotment of the ambit can be at mains voltage. Now apprehend on to see why!

A transformerless ability accumulation (TPS) is basically aloof a voltage affiliate that takes the 115 or 220 VAC from your bank and divides it bottomward to whatever voltage you want. If that voltage needs to be DC, it is rectified through a few diodes, and maybe adapted to a best voltage but we’ll get to that in a minute.

Normally, DC voltage dividers are fabricated with a brace of resistors. Combined, they ascertain the accepted abounding through the path, and the top resistor can again be called to bead the aberration amid the ascribe voltage and the adapted output. If, in our case, that aberration is some one or two hundred volts, alike if it abandoned has to canyon a few tens of milliamps, that resistor is activity to get hot fast.

A bigger basic to use in the top of the affiliate is a capacitor, with its reactance called to accord the adapted “resistance” at whatever the mains abundance is area you live. For example, say you appetite 25 milliamps out at 5 V, and you’re in America and allegation to bead 110 V. R = V / I = 4,400 Ω. Using the reactance of a capacitor, that’s C = 1 / (2 * pi * 60 Hz * 4400) = 0.6 μF. If you allegation added current, use a beyond capacitor, and vice-versa. It’s that easy!

A absolutely abundant TPS architecture requires a few added parts. For safety, and to absolute arrival current, a agglutinate and a one-watt current-limiting resistor on the ascribe are a acceptable idea. A large-value acquittal resistor in alongside with the acknowledging capacitor will accumulate it from captivation its aerial voltage and abominable you aback the ambit is unplugged.

Resetting the #$%@!!* Honeywell Gas Valve on a Water Heater  - how to reset water heater honeywell
Resetting the #$%@!!* Honeywell Gas Valve on a Water Heater – how to reset water heater honeywell | how to reset water heater honeywell

And speaking of that capacitor, it’s a safety-critical allotment of the circuit. It is subjected to affiliated aerial alternating voltages and if it fails short, the “5 V” achievement is at mains voltage and genitalia may bolt fire. This is a job for an X-rated capacitor. You’ll see them apparent X1 or X2 mostly, with X1 actuality able to bear college voltage spikes. Either one will do, aloof be abiding that it’s rated X and defined for your mains voltage level.

After the capacitor, the AC that passes through needs to be rectified into DC. A accustomed half- or full-wave rectifier will assignment here: a scattering of diodes and a large-valued cutting capacitor. If the amount isn’t constant, you’ll apparently appetite to absolute the best voltage apparent by the capacitor with a Zener diode, so that balance accepted is shunted to arena aback the amount draws beneath than the 25 milliamps we advised for. These genitalia abandoned see low voltages, so there are no appropriate requirements here.

Finally, agenda that there are abounding accessible configurations of this circuit. Instead of bottomward best of the voltage amid alive and our device, it’s additionally accessible to affix our accessory beeline to the alive wire, with the capacitor in the lower leg of the voltage affiliate — the aforementioned ambit upside-down. The agglutinate and assurance resistors can be amid anywhere in the circuit, of course. But the basics are the same: the capacitor acts as one leg in a voltage divider, followed by some alteration and regulation, with the amount as the added leg.

The big admonition with a TPS ambit is that it allegation be isolated. That’s absolutely accomplished for a independent IoT about-face or DIY ablaze dimmer. A TPS is a acceptable bout for radio or IR control. LED lightbulbs all use TPSs central because they’re bargain and absolutely closed up. But if you’re cerebration of affecting any allotment of this circuit, or active any arresting band into it, you should be attractive at a agent instead.

Why the complete isolation? Apprehension that the wire that serves as the circuit’s arena advertence is the aforementioned as your home’s aloof band (in adverse with the “hot” line). Now brainstorm afield putting the bung in backwards. Arena is hot, and although the accessory works aloof accomplished because AC is symmetric, it becomes an beheading hazard if you can appear in acquaintance with “ground”. Bung a USB-serial adapter into this device, and you’ve aloof absurd your laptop through the “ground” line. So the aboriginal band of aegis is to use polarized plugs that can’t be acquainted in wrong. If you alive in Europe, this may not be an option.

But alike polarized plugs are not enough. Some old houses (including an accommodation we lived in in Washington, DC) accept the aloof and hot curve reversed. Again, you’ll never apprehension until you blow “neutral” and absolute arena at the aforementioned time, but aback you do, it can be fatal. You can, and apparently should, analysis this with a multimeter appropriate now. Aback referenced to ground, the aloof band should present beneath a volt AC, while the hot band will apprehend either 115 or 220 VAC. Check these adjoin your bounded bung types.

Anyway, alike if you get the bung animosity right, there’s a aberration amid your bank socket’s aloof and arena lines. Codes in the US and EU say that aloof is the current-carrying line, and arena should, beneath accustomed conditions, not backpack any. Ground-fault ambit interrupters (GFCI) accomplish this in practice. Still, aerial endless abroad in your abode accompanying with non-negligible attrition in the base can aftereffect in some V=IR voltage on the aloof line. An alterity on the account agent that splits the “phases” of ability entering your home can additionally cull the aloof voltage abroad from ground, depending on area it’s grounded. In short, aloof should be about ground, but it’s not guaranteed.

The abandoned way to be absolutely safe with this ambit is to never appear in acquaintance with it. Put it in a non-conductive box, or a metal one that’s affiliated to the apple assurance ground. If it gets acquainted in backwards, or if the aloof wire goes hot, cipher gets hurt. That’s what the pros do.

What abroad can go amiss with this circuit? We best the acknowledging capacitor to accept the appropriate attrition at 50 or 60 Hz, but it’s beneath arresting at college frequencies. If you accept high-frequency switching accessories about in your home, they can advance abrupt accepted through your TPS. Quick power-line spikes canyon appropriate through, for instance, and damping them is one acumen for the ascribe resistor. Lightning strike? Blammo! Annihilation abroad that can go wrong? Leave us a comment! (But don’t acknowledgment Muphry.)

A transformer-based ability accumulation is activity to be hardly added big-ticket and a little bit bigger than an agnate TPS. But if you can’t absolutely enclose the device, or you cannot absolutely agreement the polarity of the admission power, you cannot use a TPS safely. For claimed circadian use, I’ll consistently accept a switch-mode ability accumulation or wall-wart. Isn’t it account a brace dollars to be galvanically abandoned from the wall?

On the added hand, TPSs are in all sorts of accessories that we like to drudge so you allegation to admit them in absolute life. Attending for the agglutinate or big X1- or X2-rated capacitor and you’ll be on the appropriate track. (Does it accept a bleeder resistor in parallel? If not, it ability be hot.) The current-limiting resistor is the big bowl affair almost arresting abaft the X2 cap. The agglutinate is dressed for a night on the town, cutting a one-piece, atramentous shrink-wrap number.

Next, acquisition your way to the alteration area — a four-diode full-wave rectifier and a 100 μF capacitor in this bargain RF bank switch. The diodes point against the absolute DC rail, and abroad from the negative.

Now attending about for Zener diodes. In the case of this RF-controlled switch, there are two: a 25 V Zener acclimated to actuate the relay, and a 5 V Zener that food the IC and radio circuitry. This is a accessible affection of the TPS circuit. Since the capacitor passes some accepted as continued as the DC voltage doesn’t beat the AC peaks, you can get about any, or multiple, voltages out of the aforementioned ambit aloof by acrimonious the appropriate Zeners.

You’ll appetite to abstain alive on a powered-up TPS as abundant as possible, but there are means to do so safely. This is a prime case for an abreast transformer, which about interposes the agent into the ambit that it’s lacking. There is still a brace of affairs in your ambit with 115 or 220 V amid them, but at atomic with the agent you can attach your ‘scope to the device.

Without an abreast transformer, you can do a lot with a battery-powered (non-grounded) multimeter. Bung the TPS accessory into an addendum bond with a switch, and accumulate that about-face off as abundant of the time as possible. To booty readings: unplug the TPS, tack-solder affairs area you appetite to booty a measurement, affix these to your multimeter, angle aback and about-face the ability band on. Once you’ve fabricated the reading, about-face it aback off and delay a beat afore affecting anything.

The one allotment of a TPS that can authority allegation is the acknowledging capacitor, and that’s why it should accept a bleeder resistor beyond it. In our archetype circuit, 0.6 μF * 1 MΩ = 0.6 seconds, and you’re apparently acceptable cat-and-mouse at atomic bristles of these time constants afore affecting anything, so calculation to three. The RF about-face bypasses a 0.33 μF capacitor with 220 kΩ, so it’s safer faster. (It additionally uses two SMT resistors in series, apparently because the voltage appraisement of either one abandoned wasn’t sufficient. Smart design.)

You can acquisition out which genitalia of the ambit are at what voltages by barometer them with account to the bank socket’s arena pin. For instance, with a 560 Ω assurance resistor in the acknowledgment leg, the RF switch’s “ground” absolutely floats some 12 VAC aloft apple ground. This is account alive aback dabbling around. Again, affix your probes, angle back, about-face on, read, about-face off, wait.

And that’s all there is to it. You can now amount out what voltages are in the device, and annex them for your own purposes. Aloof accomplish abiding that whatever you do, it all fits aback central its nice case. Because although TPSs are ubiquitous, small, and cheap, they’re potentially (tee-hee!) too hot to touch.

4 How To Reset Water Heater Honeywell That Had Gone Way Too Far | how to reset water heater honeywell – how to reset water heater honeywell
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