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Beneath than a ages afterwards his absolution from the John C. Burke Correctional Center, Marlin Dixon pauses at the Milwaukee beach to attending out over Lake Michigan. He had served 18 years for the killing of Charlie Adolescent Jr. in 2002, which happened aback he was 14 years old. “This is what abandon feels like,” he said.

The 4 Best Ways to Pull Out a Tooth without Pain  wikiHow - how to pull out a tooth without pain and blood
The 4 Best Ways to Pull Out a Tooth without Pain wikiHow – how to pull out a tooth without pain and blood | how to pull out a tooth without pain and blood
The 4 Best Ways to Pull Out a Tooth without Pain  wikiHow - how to pull out a tooth without pain and blood
The 4 Best Ways to Pull Out a Tooth without Pain wikiHow – how to pull out a tooth without pain and blood | how to pull out a tooth without pain and blood
The 4 Best Ways to Pull Out a Tooth without Pain  wikiHow - how to pull out a tooth without pain and blood
The 4 Best Ways to Pull Out a Tooth without Pain wikiHow – how to pull out a tooth without pain and blood | how to pull out a tooth without pain and blood


At 11:32 a.m., on a sunny, 47-degree Tuesday, Marlin Dixon absolved out from abaft the acid wire aboideau at the John C. Burke Correctional Centermost in Waupun and into the accoutrements of his mother.

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“I told you to breach able and you would one day be free,” said Doris Williams, bawl on his shoulder.

It was Sept. 22, 2020.

Shouts, acclaim and amusement belted Dixon like a additional band of accouterment over his chicken and atramentous Nike tracksuit. A dozen bodies took turns giving him hugs, afresh dispatch aback to almanac the scene.

Dixon’s daughter, Kamariya, watched hesitantly. Bristles months old aback he was arrested, 7 years old aback her mother assuredly let her appointment him in prison, she had never accepted her ancestor as a chargeless man. Now, she was 18 and he was 32.

Dixon affiliated his accoutrements out and said, “Come here, I absent you.” He captivated her in a affiliated hug, the affectionate that bastille rules never permitted.

Marlin Dixon, left, embraces his daughter, Kamariya, at his absolution from the John C. Burke Correctional Centermost in Waupun. She was a babyish aback her ancestor was sentenced.

“I absent you too, Daddy,” Kamariya said.

“You’re about as alpine as me,” Dixon responded, animated broadly.

The accumulation fabricated its way to a array of vehicles, Dixon affairs a rolling barrow with his boxed-up bastille belongings. He affronted aback briefly to accede calls from inmates on the added side, “guys who I congenital bonds with for years.” Afresh the accumulation loaded up and headed aback to Milwaukee.

At his brother Alex’s house, nieces and nephews he knew alone by name amidst him. Alike his brother was a basic stranger; Alex Dixon had been incarcerated, too, and accompanying with acquittal restrictions, the two didn’t apperceive ceremony added as adults.

“You were cutting Power Rangers drawers the aftermost time I saw you,” Marlin told his adolescent brother.

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Another brother, Darryl, was 11 aback Marlin headed to prison. Accepting his beforehand brother home, he said, was like accepting his ancestor back.

As the ceremony continued, Kamariya sat on the couch, demography in the arena as she circling through her phone. Occasionally, she looked up and smiled.

Marlin was 14 aback she was born; her mother was 15.

“I’m aloof blessed that he’s out so we can alpha architecture on our relationship,” Kamariya said.

Doris Williams, 65, right, is affected with affect aback her son Marlin Dixon, left, is appear from the John C. Burke Correctional Center. About a dozen bodies were in Waupun for Dixon’s absolution afterwards 18 years of incarceration.

The assault of Charlie Adolescent Jr., on Sept. 29, 2002, abashed Milwaukee and the nation, both for its abomination and the ages of those involved.

A accumulation of accompany from a arctic ancillary Milwaukee adjacency were blind out on a artery bend that Sunday evening, affliction one another. Young, far beforehand at 36, abutting in. Tension amid Adolescent and some of the youths had been brewing.

To adults, Adolescent was a adjacency handyman. To youths, he was a annoyer and an antagonist, the affectionate of guy who would access kids arena with a football, bolt a pass, and afresh bandy the brawl in the amiss administration and airing abroad laughing.

Charlie Adolescent Jr. in an undated ancestors photo.

This time, the badinage got claimed and a 13-year-old boy threw an egg at Young, hitting him in the shoulder. Adolescent pushed the boy down. Dixon jumped in to advice his abate friend, and the two scuffled, with Adolescent affairs a cast on Dixon and afresh abetment away.

Later that night, Adolescent headed aback assimilate the streets. He had been drinking. He approached the boys and blindsided Dixon with a bite to the mouth, animadversion out one of the teen’s basal teeth.

Enraged, Dixon and his accompany — including a brother, Don Dixon, who was 13 —grabbed sticks, rocks, rakes and shovels. They chased Adolescent to a home abreast Arctic 21st Lane and West Brown Street. A man there said Adolescent was inside, and the boys stormed in, award him in a aback hallway. They abject him assimilate the balustrade and assaulted him mercilessly.

At one point, Adolescent able aback into the house, alone to be hauled out and baffled some more. His appropriate ear was partially ripped off; his skull absurd open; his claret splattered up the balustrade bank and assimilate the 9-foot-high ceiling.

When Adolescent absent consciousness, the mob boring dispersed. Marlin Dixon went back, assault his bent victim some more.

When badge accustomed afterwards a alarm from a neighbor, they initially anticipation he had been advance up, so adverse were his wounds. Abounding law administration admiral advised it the affliction assault afterlife in Milwaukee history.

Later, doctors at what was afresh Froedtert Memorial Lutheran Hospital begin no academician activity. Adolescent died Oct. 1, afterwards his ancestors had him taken off action support.

Milwaukee badge angled up 16 people. Twelve were charged, including seven teenagers — Dixon amid them — answerable as adults with first-degree adventuresome homicide.

The assault of Charlie Adolescent Jr. took abode on Milwaukee’s arctic side, abreast Fond du Lac Avenue.

All but three of the others in the mob ultimately accustomed appeal deals, alignment from 18 months to 10 years in prison. Two — ages 14 and 10 — were begin amateur to angle trial. One, age 15, was acquitted. Don Dixon accustomed two years at Ethan Allen School, a apprehension centermost for boys in Wales.

Marlin Dixon’s fate differed.

Milwaukee County Circuit Judge John Franke begin him accusable afterwards a three-day bank balloon in developed court. While Franke acclaimed Dixon was punched in the aperture by Adolescent beforehand in the day, he said Dixon’s acknowledgment — abnormally his final assault afterwards Adolescent was alone — outweighed the provocation.

“At this point, Mr. Dixon was acting on his own,” Franke said. “The mob mentality may accept remained, but the mob was gone and he exhausted Mr. Adolescent acutely afresh on his own.”

Marlin Dixon is led into Milwaukee County Children’s Cloister by a sheriff’s agent on Oct. 3, 2002, breadth he was answerable as an developed in the annihilation of Charlie Adolescent Jr.

On June 27, 2003, Dixon entered cloister for sentencing. By afresh he was 15 years old, alpine for his age at 5-foot-10, and angular as a coatrack. His all-overs were shackled. Franke advised Dixon added amiss for Young’s afterlife than the added participants, and handed him the harshest sentence: 18 years incarceration and 22 years of continued supervision.

Dixon remained evidently stoic. He afterwards said he heard the words but absent the acceptation of a disconnected sentence. All he kept cerebration was: 40 years, that’s a affiliated time.

“I aloof couldn’t anticipate of annihilation but that,” he said later.

Before branch to prison, afore the Charlie Adolescent Jr. beating, afore fathering a adolescent at 14, Marlin Dixon’s adventure had already been grim.

His father, Anthony Dixon, met Doris Williams aback he was 10 and she was 9. The two grew up abreast Arctic 10th and East Locust streets. Doris accelerating from Arctic Division High Academy in 1974; Anthony alone out in 10th grade. Doris had her aboriginal child, a daughter, at 22, by addition man.

Marlin was the couple’s aboriginal adolescent together, followed by a additional son, Don. Three added sons and two daughters followed.

Marlin Dixon at 8 years old.

Anthony and Doris never married. Anthony formed as a meat cutter while aggravating to administer a heroin addiction. Doris formed as a housekeeper, afresh a nurse’s aide, disturbing to accommodate for the children.

In school, Marlin could almost read, although agents consistently anesthetized him to the abutting grade. He acquainted they didn’t appetite to bother with him.

When his ancestor was around, he verbally and sometimes physically abused Doris, as able-bodied as her ancient babe and Marlin.

“My ancestor was a actual asymmetric man in every way possible. He was strung out on drugs and he acclimated heroin and able cocaine,” Dixon said.

Marlin said his ancestor advised his adolescent brothers and sisters added like a ancestor should.

“When it came to me, my big sister, and my mother … he was abusive,” Dixon said. “I never knew why he denied me as his son although I looked aloof like him. I never accepted why he captivated so abundant acerbity adjoin me.”

The corruption came adjoin a accomplishments of poverty. The kitchen lacked food. The home bare repairs. The adjacency teemed with violence. Gunshots and badge sirens echoed through the nights.

The aftermost time his parents were calm at home assured in yet addition argument.

“She put him out of the abode and afresh all of a abrupt our windows got burst out,” Dixon said. “Mom anticipation my Pops did it, but he said he didn’t, and it affronted into a bigger fight.”

On March 23, 2001, his ancestor ran into Edward Barnes alfresco a northside Milwaukee methadone clinic. For whatever reason, he believed it was Barnes who had agape out the windows. The two men argued and Dixon agape him to the pavement. Barnes pulled a knife and plunged it into his accuser’s chest, twice.

Marlin was at a friend’s abode aback he got a alarm from his sister Tezra.

“She said he was aching bad, but I didn’t apperceive how serious. It was a apricot moment for me because I acquainted like he couldn’t aching us anymore, but I acquainted affliction at the aforementioned time,” Dixon said.

Later, doctors alleged the ancestors to appear say their final goodbyes.

The 4 Best Ways to Pull Out a Tooth without Pain  wikiHow - how to pull out a tooth without pain and blood
The 4 Best Ways to Pull Out a Tooth without Pain wikiHow – how to pull out a tooth without pain and blood | how to pull out a tooth without pain and blood

“When I laid my eyes on him, he didn’t attending like my dad because he had absent so abundant blood,” Dixon said.

Emotion busted his mother and siblings. Dixon acquainted numb.

“They were all crying, but I wasn’t,” Dixon said. “I was abused by him, sometimes over the aboriginal of things. I bethink one time he came in the abode and I was already in the bed, and he woke me up out of my sleep, babble at me because I ate up the ice cream. But we didn’t accept annihilation abroad in the abode to eat.”

His ancestor died afterwards that night. He was 46.

At the funeral, mourners lined up and aggregate belief of how adamantine he formed and how he admired his family. Marlin listened, afraid they were talking about his father.

Then a woman Marlin had never apparent afore approached him.

“She told me that I looked aloof like my father. And afresh she told me that Anthony Dixon was her father, too,” he said. “I had a accomplished sister out there that I never knew about. I acquainted bad because it seems like she had a bigger accord with him than I did.”

Relatives told Dixon he had new responsibilities.

“I was 13 and bodies were cogent me that I was the man of the house,” he said. “I bootless miserably. I didn’t apperceive how to get money and accompany money into the house. I couldn’t get a job. And I assumption that burden pushed me to alpha indulging into drugs and blind out more. I was aloof affronted and I didn’t apperceive why.”

Barnes, the man who dead Dixon’s father, served seven months in the Abode of Correction for second-degree adventuresome homicide.

He was already out of incarceration aback Dixon headed in.

Dixon’s sentencing came aback tough-on-crime cloister strategies were the norm.

A little added than a decade earlier, in 1991, Milwaukee hit what was afresh an best aiguille for homicides, with 163. By 1994, homicides committed by youths nationally peaked, according to the U.S. Department of Justice. Judges started handing bottomward harsher sentences in an advance to achieve ascendancy of neighborhoods and communities, said Milwaukee County Commune Apostle John Chisholm, who abutting the DA’s appointment that year.

A “vigorous prosecution” archetypal was in vogue, Chisholm said. From 1993 to 1999, the cardinal of adults captivated in apprehension rose 18%, and the cardinal of youths beneath age 18 captivated in developed jails added than angled nationwide.

By the time Dixon was sentenced, Wisconsin had allowable a truth-in-sentencing law, eliminating parole. With acclaim for time already served, he would absorb the abounding 18 years abaft bars.

Fredrick Gordon was the administrator in the commune aback the Adolescent assassination occurred.

“It didn’t booty affiliated for the civic media to jump all over this story,” he said.

Gordon accustomed a alarm from Bill O’Reilly, the bourgeois political analyst with a appearance on Fox News alleged “The O’Reilly Factor.” O’Reilly capital to set up an interview.

“All I bethink is accepting him agreeable in my ear adage all of these kids should get the best book and that they were a annoyance to society,” Gordon said. “I afraid up on him because he didn’t appetite to allocution about all of the problems that acquired this to appear in the aboriginal place.”

Elsewhere on cable TV, a nonscientific analysis conducted by CNN asked: Should the youths answerable with a Milwaukee man’s assault afterlife be approved as adults? Ninety-one percent of responders said yes.

Not all were enthused.

John O. Norquist was Milwaukee’s ambassador at the time of Dixon’s sentencing. “That’s a lot of time for a kid whose academician isn’t absolutely developed, abnormally aback you accede all of the youths involved,” Norquist said recently.

In the 1990s and aboriginal 2000s, there was no allocution about boyhood trauma, and little acquaintance of accoutrement like the ACE test, a now accepted altitude of adverse boyhood adventures that can adumbrate concrete and brainy problems in adulthood.

“Twenty years ago, we were not talking about agony the way we allocution about it today. Judges didn’t appetite to apprehend about brainy affliction because to them that was like giving a actuality an alibi to accept bad behavior,” said Brenda Wesley, a affiliate of the Milwaukee County Brainy Bloom Board and above burghal exhausted coordinator for the Civic Alliance on Brainy Illness.

Nearly all those complex in the Adolescent assault grew up in poverty, witnessed abandon and had been victimized, said Robin Shellow, an apostle who represented several of the defendants — admitting not Dixon. Abounding of them suffered post-traumatic accent disorder.

Shellow acclimated an “urban psychosis” defense, suggesting that burghal youths are algid by the aggressive abandon in their neighborhoods and homes.

“When I approved to accompany up trauma, I was laughed at,” Shellow said in an account anon afore her afterlife aftermost year. “No one absolutely capital to apprehend this in 2002, but today anybody is talking about how agony can appulse a child’s academician and behavior. The science has bent up.”

Over the accomplished 20 years, the bent amends arrangement has undergone a sea of change, abnormally aback it comes to sentencing juveniles, Chisholm said.

“Now we apperceive so abundant added about agony and the appulse it can accept on bodies active in disadvantaged boyhood communities, and the appulse it has on youth,” Chisholm said.

Marlin Dixon was 14 and active in a home in the 1900 block of Arctic 20th Artery aback he and added boyhood exhausted an adult, Charlie Adolescent Jr., beneath than one mile away. Twelve bodies were charged. Dixon spent 18 years in prison, the longest book handed bottomward in the beating, which occurred in 2002.

While it’s absurd to apperceive how Young’s annihilation would accept been handled today, Chisholm appropriate Dixon’s book would accept been beneath harsh.

“I accept it would accept been 10 or 12 years. He would accept been punished because he did go aback on the porch, but it would not accept been 18 years,” Chisholm said.

Data shows that bodies who accomplish agitated crimes charge not be bound abroad for decades for the account of accessible safety.

“People bedevilled of agitated and animal offenses are absolutely amid the atomic acceptable to be rearrested,” assured a contempo address from the Bastille Policy Initiative.

The capital acumen for the lower backsliding amid bodies bedevilled of agitated offenses is age, Chisholm said.

The Bastille Policy Initiative address concurred, adage the blow for abandon peaks in boyhood and aboriginal adulthood, and declines with age, and yet we bastille bodies affiliated afterwards their blow has declined.

In so abounding ways, Dixon was a boy in a man’s prison.

One bedfellow assertive him that he could get his case advised for $500. Dixon abiding his mother to accelerate the bedfellow money alone to ascertain it was one of abounding scams that adept inmates cull on newcomers.

After his sentencing, he had capital to accelerate a letter to his daughter’s mother but could not spell the artery she lived on.

“I didn’t apperceive how to spell Fond du Lac,” he accepted later. “Some of the guys I was in bastille with were in the aforementioned baiter and at aboriginal we aloof joked about it.”

When a bastille adviser chastised Dixon and the others for badinage about in the aback of his class, Dixon said things afflicted for him.

“He told us that we can antic and laugh, but the antic was on us because he knew how to apprehend and there was annihilation funny about our condition,” Dixon said.

Dixon afterwards went up to the instructor, apologized, and asked for help.

“He gave me books — intermediate, first, additional and third grade, and he did the aforementioned affair with algebraic — first, additional and third,” Dixon said.

Dixon alternate in religious services, and in acrimony administration classes, which offered battle resolution skills. He abutting a alleviation amends accumulation and, later, a affairs breadth he talked to afflicted youths to beacon them in a absolute direction.

He spent best of his chargeless time arena basketball, handball and — no best benighted — account books. “I adulation reading, abnormally books on amusing and political issues,” Dixon said. “Any book that challenges me in my apperception and affection are the best.” He devoured the works of political activist Cornel West, civilian rights apostle Michelle Alexander and religious columnist Todd D. Bennett.

Dixon said he never had a action with bastille agents or added inmates.

“That’s adage a lot, because a lot of bodies airing about attractive for trouble,” Dixon said.

He additionally saw bodies from his home adjacency aeon through. “Some alike came through at atomic twice,” Dixon said.

By the time his absolution arrived, he had completed his GED, acquired his driver’s license, becoming a affidavit in baking and addition in cosmetology.

“I can cook, broil and accord you a abundant haircut,” Dixon said, laughing.

The best hasty accord Dixon developed in bastille was with Vicki Conte, who had been in cloister for all the Adolescent proceedings. She served as the victim’s apostle for Fannie Young, Charlie’s mother.

Conte’s aboriginal anamnesis of Dixon was seeing him led into a attorneys in October 2002. She noticed a jailbait captivation a babyish sitting in the advanced row. The boyhood was Dixon’s girlfriend; the babyish was Kamariya.

Fannie Young, mother of Charlie Adolescent Jr. Fannie Adolescent died in May 2005 of colon cancer.

“He looked like a afraid little boy and he had a child,” she said. “He was aloof a adolescent himself.”

For Fannie Young, the cases affiliated to her son’s afterlife were all-consuming, admitting she kept her affections in check.

“Fannie accepted the cloister arrangement and never kidded herself. She knew her son had problems with the law, too. The accent of the case took its assessment on her, actuality there every day,” she said.

Fannie died in May 2005 of colon cancer. She was 63.

“She was a faith-filled woman who had acceptance in God that acceptable would appear from all of this,” Conte said.

Conte begin herself affectionate with Dixon because of the way his accessible apostle portrayed him in court.

“He wasn’t offered a appeal accord like the added boys, and his apostle argued he was too brainless to accomplish this crime, and he additionally talked about Marlin accepting an acutely low IQ. It was aching for me to apprehend and for Marlin to apprehend as well,” Conte said.

MORE: Best of Charlie Young’s ancestors won’t altercate his beating. ‘It’s still fresh,’ his sister says.

Conte didn’t accept the mob assault had annihilation to do with kids of low intelligence. She believed it was a mob advance that got absolutely out of hand, with the kids agriculture off ceremony other’s emotions.

A year earlier, her son had been complex in a cogent incident.

“My boyhood son got into a action at average academy involving a disabled kid and added boys. The disabled kid got exhausted up and I kept allurement my son why he was involved, and he kept adage he didn’t know, until assuredly he said he did it because anybody abroad was accomplishing it,” Conte said.

No one died, but Conte acicular out a abrupt aberration amid her son and Dixon.

“My son is a burghal white kid and got off scot-free because we could acquiesce to pay for a acceptable lawyer. That was not the case with Marlin,” she said.

Although she was there for Young’s mother, Conte remembered actuality abashed by Dixon’s sentence.

“I still accept he got the best time because all of the added defendants kept adage that the alone acumen they went afterwards Mr. Adolescent was because he agape Marlin’s tooth out,” said Conte, now 66.

She larboard the DA’s appointment anon afterwards the balloon because she acquainted that she had “too abundant of a affection for the defendants” and the affairs of their lives.

Over the years, she kept apprehensive how Dixon was doing. Afresh in 2017, she did some research, begin Dixon’s location, and wrote him a letter.

Vicki Conte aboriginal saw Marlin Dixon aback he was led into cloister for the killing of Charlie Adolescent Jr. She was there as a victim’s apostle to abutment Young’s mother, Fannie. Years later, she contacted Dixon in bastille and the two developed a friendship. She visited him while he was still in prison, and afresh came to Milwaukee to see him afterwards his release.

Dear Marlin,

My name is Vicki Conte. I am a 62-year-old grandmother now active in Denver, CO. I acclimated to assignment for the Milwaukee County Commune Attorney’s office. My job was “victim advocate.” I had to drive Charlie Young’s mother to cloister and sit with her through the abounding appearances that you and all the added boys had. It was all actual sad. I apperceive you all dead Charlie. I apperceive you were all boys. And you especially, with the longest sentence, accept paid a bulk for that.

I accept anticipation about you so abounding times in the aftermost 14 or 15 years. I accept wondered how a boy of 14 can abound up in prison. I accept afraid about you. I accept afraid about your concrete and brainy health. I admiration if you get visitors … I admiration about your little girl. She was aloof a babyish at the trial.

She accomplished the letter by adage she could accelerate him books or a few things that he ability charge if he liked.

“I didn’t apperceive how he would respond, or if he would acknowledge at all,” she said.

Dixon beatific her a two-page handwritten letter.

Dear Vicki,

You are far too kind, that was one of the best affection abating belletrist I’ve anytime accustomed during my incarceration, and I acknowledge you for the amiable action of demography time out of your day to address me and I acknowledge your thoughts and apropos you had for me over the 14½ years I’ve been gone away. That was actual soft, gentle, and candied of you to do that.

Dixon told her that he was 29 and growing up in bastille “has not been accessible for me in the least.”

“I suffered a lot of abasement and all-overs and I suffered from PTSD but I didn’t acquiesce it to abort me and I aloof kept breath and eventually things go bigger and I acclimated all that I went through to appearance me into a bigger animal actuality …

“I am now in minimum aegis with 3½ years to go in bastille and appropriate now I am animate in the kitchen as a chef and will be activity to assignment on the acreage soon. … I would adulation your advice in acceptable me to accommodate aback into association because Yahweh knows I absolutely charge it. Aggregate will be new to me aback I get released.”

The belletrist launched approved correspondence, and that led to visits. Conte fabricated three ancillary trips to Waupun to see Dixon while she was visiting ancestors aback in Wisconsin. A ages afterwards he was released, she visited him for the aboriginal time as a chargeless man.

“I bulk her assessment a lot. She helped get me through a lot of boxy times, but she keeps alleviative me like I’m that aforementioned 14-year-old boy that she saw in cloister that time,” Dixon said, affliction her during a contempo lunch. “I’m a developed man now.”

A few canicule out of prison, Dixon’s ancestors took him out for pizza. One of his sisters, Ebony, brought a friend, Tyanna Cates. Ebony told Cates that her brother had aloof been appear from prison. “I was a little decayed at aggravating to allocution to women, but I aloof told her who I was, and we started talking,” Dixon said.

When they were leaving, he asked Cates for her buzz number. She handed him her phone, but he recorded the numbers wrong.

They would not allocution afresh until Cates was tagged in a photo with Dixon and he was able to accelerate her a bulletin on Facebook.

Cates told Dixon she was not absorbed in annihilation but accord because she lived in Texas; she was aloof in Milwaukee visiting her mother and added ancestors members. But her weeklong breach affronted into a ages afterwards her mother was complex in a car accident. That gave Dixon and Cates added time. His vulnerability drew her in.

“We were consistently together,” Cates said.

Tyanna Cates, left, Marlin Dixon’s girlfriend, hugs him at his accommodation in Menomonee Falls. The two met the additional day of his absolution from John C. Burke Correctional Center.

She went aback home to Texas but afresh flew aback to visit.

By October 2020, Cates was pregnant. She was anxious that a adolescent would set him aback — so afraid that she abreast him with a account of the abundance analysis and a sad-face emoji.

Dixon wasn’t worried.

“I didn’t see it as a botheration like that because I knew we could handle it,” Dixon said. “I was scared, but blessed at the aforementioned time because I acquainted I had a additional adventitious to do it appropriate this time.”

On Christmas Eve 2020, Cates, 34, started to feel ill. A abortion followed.

At the time, Dixon was still active in his mother’s three-bedroom apartment, breadth he had been aback his release. His sister Leslie additionally lived there, and two brothers, Darius and Don, active the basement.

“The affairs they were active was not acceptable for me and I didn’t appetite to attempt putting myself in a position that could accept landed me aback in bastille for addition 18 years,” he said.

Dixon said his brothers anticipation he came above too preachy, while he acquainted they were not accomplishing abundant with their lives to get out of his mother’s basement.

Dixon approved to acquisition housing, but hire seemed above reach.

“I had money adored up from assignment release, but I was aloof attractive at what they capital for a one- and two-bedroom, and the prices were over $1,000 to $1,500 a ages aloof for commodity adequately appropriate and safe,” Dixon said.

In August 2021, afterwards months of looking, Dixon begin a two-bedroom accommodation in Menomonee Falls he could afford.

“My babe (Cates) helped me to get it and I absolutely adulation it out here. It’s quiet and it’s abundant for my brainy health,” Dixon said.

Marlin Dixon stands in the aperture of his accommodation in Menomonee Falls on the one-year ceremony of his release. Dixon said the adjacency is quiet and acceptable for his brainy health.

He scoured Facebook Marketplace to accouter the place. A exclusive for $150; two end tables for $100; a kitchen table for $50; a computer board and armchair for aloof a few dollars.

His bedchamber includes a abounding shoe arbor with dozens of sneakers. “I adulation basketball and I assumption you can say shoes are my hobby,” he said.

He got a TV from Walmart and an Xbox that he plays constantly. And he has a dog, a Shih Tzu called Snacks.

“I could not accept done this afterwards my girlfriend,” he said. “She helped me with accepting resources, and she’s been my bigger abutment arrangement and afterwards her I don’t apperceive breadth I would be.”

Last October, Cates confused to Wisconsin to accompany him. “Even admitting our lives are so different, we accept accessible communication, and we allocution about everything,” she said.

Dixon additionally hoped to body a accustomed accord with his daughter.

It hasn’t been smooth.

“I try to absorb time with her and go places, but she has her life,” he said.

Kamariya Dixon, left, enjoys time with her father, Marlin Dixon, afterwards arena basketball at Milwaukee Academy of Science. The two about didn’t apperceive ceremony added until Marlin was appear from prison, but they accept approved to body a relationship. “I knew as affiliated as I backward animate this befalling would happen, “ he said.

An estimated 5.1 actor kids accept had a ancestor in bastille or bastille at some point in their childhood, according to an Annie E. Casey Foundation report. Compared with their white peers, African American and Latino kids over 7 years old are alert as acceptable to accept a ancestor abaft bars, the address found.

“Having a ancestor confined is a stressful, alarming acquaintance of the aforementioned consequence as abuse, calm abandon and divorce, with a potentially abiding abrogating appulse on a child’s well-being,” the address said.

The foundation of a advantageous accord is rarely formed, it said.

Much of that captivated accurate for Dixon’s accord with his daughter, although it had bigger somewhat in his aftermost years of incarceration. Aback Dixon was on assignment release, he beatific her money from his job charwoman vats at a pizza company. He wrote belletrist of adulation and encouragement.

About six months afterwards he was released, Dixon gave Kamariya commodity she never had experienced.

“I gave her her aboriginal altogether party,” he said. “She never had one in her accomplished life. Me and my adherent active a anteroom and active it. We had a DJ, aliment and her friends.”

Marlin Dixon poses with his daughter, Kamariya, at her 19th altogether affair in 2021. Dixon threw her the abruptness party, the aboriginal altogether affair she anytime had.

For addition who observes added than she participates, it was a appropriate moment. But overall, Kamariya charcoal attentive and quiet. Her accomplishments wasn’t easy. Dixon understands.

“It’s the aforementioned blazon of acrimony I had at my dad for not actuality there,” he said. “But I’m animate adamantine to breach that cycle.”

While still in prison, Dixon formed at Richelieu Foods Inc., a architect of private-brand pizzas and sauces in Beaver Dam. He bankrupt pizza vats, and although the assignment was messy, the pay was acceptable — $15 an hour. Allotment of the money he becoming went adjoin the $750 a ages to breach at Waupun.

“A lot of bodies don’t apperceive this, but aback you work, you accept to pay for your breach in prison,” he said.

When the COVID-19 communicable hit, assignment absolution jobs shut down. However, his bang-up told him he could consistently appear aback afterwards his release.

Dixon took him up on that offer. Higher pay fabricated the two-hour annular cruise tolerable. But in aloof the aboriginal four months, Dixon best up tickets for dispatch and a bench belt violation. Sheriff’s assembly additionally gave him a admonishing aback his car went into a canal during a snowstorm, and he got a eyewitness to cull it out.

The agent “yelled at me, adage that I could accept acquired an blow and I bare a able to get me out,” Dixon said. “It was a above snowstorm. All the professionals were busy.

“My P.O. (probation officer) told me that she was afraid about me authoritative that drive and accepting chock-full so much, so she told me to acquisition commodity afterpiece to home. I didn’t appetite to accord it up, but it was the best decision.”

Marlin Dixon has formed at Bimbo Bakeries in Oconomowoc aback November. “He’s been a abundant guy to assignment with,“ said Laura Rose, a assembly supervisor. “He consistently all-overs in whenever we accept any problems.”

In November, Dixon landed a job at Bimbo Bakeries in Oconomowoc as a apparatus operator. The job pays well, and business is so acceptable he can assignment six canicule a anniversary if he wants.

“He’s an accomplished worker. He had a few hiccups his aboriginal week, but he’s gotten bigger the accomplished time,” said John Laabs, Dixon’s supervisor.

Dixon’s job includes demography 2,000 pounds of chef and abacus it to a adding apparatus that cuts it into loaf-sized pieces.

“I would say he’s as acceptable a affiliate abettor who’s cast new we’ve anytime seen,” Laabs said.

Dixon’s bastille almanac never came up.

“He was a solid applicant at the interview. It was that cut and dry,” said Rodney Bahr, a manager. “You don’t authority it adjoin them, and candidly we didn’t alike know.”

Because of the abeyant for discrimination, abounding states and cities accept pushed for “ban-the-box” legislation, which banned what an employer can ask candidates on a job appliance or during the aboriginal stages of the screening process. Wisconsin has not adopted such legislation.

Dixon believes if he can do the job, accomplished mistakes shouldn’t get in the way.

“They’re acceptable bodies to assignment for and I’m beholden for the opportunity,” he said.

Dixon is now in the additional of his 22 years of continued supervision. He has 21 rules he charge accept by to abstain actuality beatific aback to prison.

He can’t be in a abode that serves alcohol. He can’t be about a felon. He can’t own a gun or be about a actuality with a gun, alike if they can accurately own one.

When he asked his acquittal administrator how is he declared to apperceive if the actuality is a felon or not, he said he was told to ask.

“Am I declared to ask every actuality who I appear in acquaintance with if they’re a felon or not?” Dixon asked. “One of my brothers has a authorization to burrow backpack and my P.O. told me aback I go to his house, I charge to ask him to put his gun in his car.”

The limitations add abhorrence and pressure.

“While I was bound up I’ve apparent affluence of men bound aback up because bodies said they saw them at a bar or their adherent got mad at them and said some things to get them revoked,” he said. “And I accept 20 added years of this.”

He is adverse alarming odds.

The Department of Justice’s Bureau of Amends Statistics has estimated that about three-quarters of all appear prisoners will be rearrested aural bristles years of their absolution and about six in 10 will be reconvicted — admitting not necessarily for the aforementioned akin of offense.

Nonetheless, Dixon thinks his allowance afterwards bastille would accept been alike worse.

“I’m activity to be atrociously honest with you. I apperceive I fabricated the affliction aberration in my action aback I did what I did on that night in September, and not a day goes by breadth I don’t anticipate about what I did to (Young),” he said. “However, if I would accept backward on the streets, I apparently would accept been killed.”

While Dixon cannot accept any acquaintance with associates of the Adolescent family, he said he would like them to apperceive he is sorry.

“After it happened, I blacked out on some of the things I did. But aback I anticipate aback on it, I bolt myself saying, I did do that,” he said. “I was affronted and aching and I aloof capital to aching someone, but I never, anytime meant for him to die. It’s commodity I accept to alive with the blow of my life.”

On this alone lot stood the abode breadth a mob of adolescent bodies exhausted Charlie Adolescent Jr. to afterlife in 2002.

Dixon accustomed he can’t accept the affliction the Youngs accept gone through, but as a parent, he can brainstorm how he would feel if addition did that to his daughter.

“For a mother to accept to go through that, there are no bulk of affliction that I can do,” he said. “But I would adulation to redeem his claret in some way by mentoring and allowance added kids so that they never participate in such a thing.”

No amount how boxy of an ambiance that you alive in, adolescent bodies charge to apperceive they accept choices, Dixon said.

His acquittal additionally prohibits him from abiding to the abomination scene.

That allotment is easy. The home breadth the adventure occurred has been broken down. It’s one of abounding alone lots in the neighborhood, which seems to accept as abundant accessible amplitude as housing, the aftereffect of aging, carelessness and the city’s efforts to breach bottomward alone residences.

Children growing up in the breadth face the aforementioned challenges that Dixon and his accompany faced two decades ago. In January, beneath than a mile from breadth Charlie Adolescent Jr. was beaten, six bodies were advance and dead execution-style.

When Dixon was growing up, he knew added bodies who had been killed, advance or confined than had accelerating from college.

Doris Williams approved badly to beacon her son abroad from such a fate.

“She kept admonishing me that bodies who I anticipation were my accompany were not absolutely my friends,” Dixon said, “And that if I kept accomplishing some of the things I was doing, I was activity to get into agitation that she couldn’t get me out of.”

After his arrest, her warnings assuredly sunk in.

“You accept to alibi my language, but I accomplished that cipher in cloister gave a (expletive) about me,” Dixon said. “The alone actuality who never gave up on me was my mom.”

The abstraction of a approaching almost beyond his mind.

“I never anticipation I would alive to see 21, until I affronted 21 and I had already been bound up seven years by then,” Dixon said.

COLUMN: I never accepted to apperceive Marlin Dixon. Now I anguish that afterwards change, added youths will chase his path.

After extensive that milestone, Dixon believed added was possible. “I was a man and I accomplished that I aloof couldn’t breach mad anymore,” he said.

The change was gradual, not sudden. But he had fabricated a choice. He capital to be altered for his babe and for his mother. Mostly, he capital to be altered for himself.

“All of the things that I’ve accomplished aback I’ve been released, I dreamed about. I capital to accept my own place. I capital to accept a acceptable job. I didn’t appetite to be about abandon and all of the things associated with it.”

The best accessible admonition of Dixon’s accomplished is arresting any time he looks in a mirror: a gap breadth one of his basal larboard teeth should be.

“One of my accompany appropriate to me that I should get a gold acme to mark a moment breadth that bearings destroyed my life, but it additionally congenital my life,” he said. “Gold has to go through blaze as a analysis to appearance you what it’s fabricated of, and for you to see how abundant bulk it carries.”

“I’ve been through the fire. Now bodies charge to see my value.”

James E. Causey and Angela Peterson

This address is allotment of a alternation of belief focused on Milwaukee’s youth, their needs and opportunities for their success. The assignment is accurate by a foundation admission from Wellpoint Care Network, a Milwaukee nonprofit aforetime accepted as SaintA’s. Wellpoint’s mission is to facilitate equity, learning, healing and wellness by abating the access that advice children, boyhood and families thrive. Reporter James E. Causey began assignment on this adventure as an O’Brien Fellow in Accessible Service Journalism at Marquette University during the 2019-20 bookish year. All assignment on the activity was done beneath the advice of Milwaukee Journal Sentinel editors. Neither Wellpoint nor Marquette were complex in decisions about the agreeable or presentation of the work. To abutment the Journal Sentinel’s all-embracing bounded reporting, amuse subscribe at


This commodity originally appeared on Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Marlin Dixon, appear from bastille reflects on 2002 Milwaukee killing

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