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On Christmas Day 2021, all was quiet aboard the RSV Nuyina. The barge was captivation position in Storm Bay, at the southern end of Australia, alone a few afar from shore. The aggregation were captivation their tongues.

How to play What Do You Meme?  Official Rules  UltraBoardGames - what do you meme game cards pdf
How to play What Do You Meme? Official Rules UltraBoardGames – what do you meme game cards pdf | what do you meme game cards pdf

Every so often, the ship’s advertisement arrangement would bing bong and the shipmaster’s articulation would blast out a warning. Don’t alike the toilet. Don’t blast any doors. Keep chat to a minimum. The vessel’s acoustic scientists had alone a alert accessory off the aback of the Nuyina into the ocean aboriginal on Christmas morning to analysis how quiet the address was as it sailed. Any banging or bloom — alike farting, joked the shipmaster — would alloy with the experiment.

Three canicule earlier, I’d trudged up the hardly acceptable arch of the Nuyina (pronounced “noy-yee-nah”), the Australian Antarctic Division’s new AU$529 actor (US$373 million) icebreaker, with a haversack abounding of electronics, 10 woolen sweaters, seven album books, bristles notepads, two pairs of shorts, two Android phones and one Polaroid camera, abutting 66 expeditioners and aggregation for the ship’s beginning boating to Antarctica. 

A appearance from the Nuyina’s Ascertainment Deck.

The camp Christmas was an actionable alpha to the multiyear action of allotment the ship’s accurate instruments. “This boating is a absolutely analytical aboriginal footfall in ambience up the abutting 30 years,” said Lloyd Symons, the boating leader. 

Though Antarctica rests abandoned over the planet’s southern pole, it’s not adequate from the adverse furnishings of human-induced altitude change. Some genitalia of the abstemious are abating faster than anywhere abroad on the planet, arch to changes in sea ice conditions, acclimate patterns and wildlife populations. And the furnishings are not localized; what happens in Antarctica does not necessarily breach in Antarctica. Heating in the arena will accept all-around impacts, as sea levels acceleration and ocean apportionment is disrupted.

The Nuyina is a address altogether positioned to adviser and accept how these changes will affect the blow of the world. It’s been declared as “Disneyland for scientists,” but accustomed that it’s dotted with antennas and huge cranes and lined with specialized accurate instruments aloft its hull, it feels abounding added NASA than House of Mouse. 

It’s about the International Amplitude Station, a rocket address and a affluence cruise liner all in one, and its destination is aloof as abandoned and adverse to beastly activity as low Earth orbit. Living on the address and acquirements its rhythms feels about as abutting as you can get to actuality in amplitude afterwards abrogation the planet.

I spent 39 canicule on the amplitude station-cruise address as it sailed to two Australian Antarctic outposts and a aberrant berg in December 2021 and January 2022. I interviewed the scientists and engineers on lath to accept its adequacy to achieve cutting-edge analysis at the basal of the apple and how its architecture and instruments will be acclimated to appraise the impacts of altitude change in the future. And yes, I spent time in the ship’s amphitheater watching John Carpenter’s The Thing.

Over the journey, the address would charge to beat off a cardinal of milestones, allotment beat accurate instruments as it sailed the Southern Ocean. It would additionally charge to achieve a alternation of arduous firsts, including refueling Australia’s buoy to the Antarctic, the Casey Base outpost, with 1 actor liters of a appropriate agent blend. None of the Nuyina’s systems had been acclimated in the Antarctic afore — it would be a adventure into the unknown. 

But afore the address had alike larboard port, it encountered problems with its anxiety system, dabbling abandonment by two days. Aback the Nuyina aboriginal encountered sea ice, an apparatus acclimated to map the ocean attic airtight off the base of the address and was absent to the Southern Ocean. 

Worse still, as the barge sailed into the Antarctic Circle and approached the icy continent, it appeared as if the Nuyina was destined to abstain the ice altogether. 

You’ve apparently never heard of a bead keel, but on the Nuyina’s beginning voyage, the basic threatened to bore the ambitions of the science team. 

Shaped like an aircraft addition and covered in astute instruments, the bead keel juts bottomward out of the base of the address like a hangnail. It’s advised to be bargain during sailing to conduct surveys, enabling advisers to map the ocean attic and see and apprehend the abysmal activity in the Southern Ocean.

During the aboriginal anniversary of the voyage, afterwards blurred the starboard bead keel aloof 30 inches beneath the hull, engineers encountered a problem: The keel wouldn’t retract. A pin, advised to authority it in place, was stuck. 

This allegorical diagram credibility out the bead keel’s area on the Nuyina. The barge absolutely has two bead keels, ancillary by side, which are able with accurate instruments to analysis the ocean depths.

If the Nuyina was to accident through ice, there was a crisis the ashamed debris would blooper beneath the after-effects and bang into the bead keel. The arch affair was for the astute accurate instruments that beautify the keel. Asperous bits of ice could do absolute damage. 

No amount what the aggregation attempted, a quick fix seemed futile. At one point, an expeditioner abiding to their berth acclaimed a address architect sitting cross-legged on the floor, schematics laid about all around. Added expeditioners capital to advice fix the botheration themselves. One volunteered to don scuba gear, admission the freezing baptize and bathe beneath the Nuyina to manually courage out the pin. 

That plan was never accustomed any absolute thought.

The vessel’s aloft mission on its aboriginal boating was to adeptness Casey Station, on the East Antarctic fringe, and bear about 265,000 gallons of fuel. Afore that, it would charge to resupply Australia’s Davis base added west, application helicopters to barrow supplies, such as food, booze and mail, from address to shore.

On the admission to Davis, about 10 canicule into the journey, the address was confronted by an ocean abutting with abounding sea ice. Bags of floes jutted aloft the apparent of the ocean at astute angles, as far as the eye could see. With the bead keel bottomward and vulnerable, the address adept and aggregation had to adjudge whether they’d advance through and accident damage, or brim the abuttals of the ice. 

They chose the latter, befitting to the angle of the sea ice afore coil through lighter floes and into the bay abreast Davis Station. But the action airish addition question: Would Australia’s new icebreaker absolutely breach ice on its aboriginal boating to Antarctica?

That catechism would amble until refueling at Casey Base was complete. In the meantime, there was science to do. 

Standing 6-foot-6 and confidently agitation an apparent scalp, Rob King faces a assiduous claiming aboard the Nuyina: authoritative abiding his arch doesn’t get breach accessible by a aperture frame. 

When I acquisition him aptitude over one of the Nuyina’s purpose-built aquariums abounding of admired Antarctic crustaceans and added miniature sea beasts, it feels like a allegorical scene: a Titan analysis his domain.

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What Do You Meme Board Game Info Page Board Game Halv – what do you meme game cards pdf | what do you meme game cards pdf

Rob King tends to his krill aquarium aboard the RSV Nuyina.

King, a krill biologist with the Australian Antarctic Division, has been belief the Antarctic’s best important aliment antecedent for over three decades. In that time, he’s developed techniques to advance catches in the Southern Ocean and helped architecture world-class aquariums at the Division’s address in Kingston, Tasmania. He’s on lath the Nuyina to try to abduction a beginning banal of krill from the Antarctic. 

Antarctic krill, 2-inch-long crustaceans with billowing atramentous eyes and a cellophane exoskeleton, are the Southern Ocean’s antecedent species. They abutment the Antarctic ecosystem by accouterment aliment for wildlife such as whales, seals and penguins, and they’re abundantly abundant, authoritative up about one-40th of all beastly biomass on Earth — commensurable to the biomass of humans.

Typically, capturing krill involves trawling. Advisers bead a net off the aback of a ship, which balloons out in the ocean about a army of krill. Closing the net accessories the crustaceans and pulls them aback up to the surface. But the Nuyina includes a world-first: As the address was actuality constructed, engineers added three holes into the bark that affix to a allowance dubbed the wet well.

Antarctic krill are one of the best abounding creatures on Earth.

It’s a allowance King dreamed up some 15 years ago to bolt Antarctic krill in aboriginal action and accompany them aback to Tasmania.

As the Nuyina sails south, baptize flows in through the holes, which are affiliated to the wet well, or what King describes as “effectively a absolute wet room.” As the baptize moves into the ship, it brings abysmal activity with it — krill, copepods, phytoplankton — as if vacuuming them up from the ocean.

“It’s a way of accession specimens afterwards boring a big net through the water,” King says.

On the Nuyina’s beginning voyage, the wet able-bodied would assuredly be put to the test. King’s dream would be accomplished – or not. 

In the aboriginal morning of Dec. 30, 2021, King and Nuyina aquarist Anton Rocconi opened the wet well’s valve for the aboriginal time at sea, sampling the Southern Ocean’s biting water.

The baptize anesthetized through pipes in the starboard ancillary of the ship, aloft a aloft table in the centermost of the wet able-bodied and into a catchbasin at its end. About as anon as it gurgled on, sea activity started cloudburst in. 

Sea butterflies, wings still aerial gracefully, began to ample buckets. Amphipods, avid shrimplike predators, followed. Krill were barreling in too, but not the Antarctic breed the brace were acquisitive to capture. On that aboriginal operation, the Nuyina was still 1,000 afar or so from the Antarctic krill’s stomping grounds. The award-winning bolt of the boating was yet to be seen, but the run buoyed spirits.

Rocconi (left) and King (right) at the clarify table central the wet well, cat-and-mouse to abduction Antarctic krill as they cascade in from alfresco the ship.

The brace became added optimistic because the bolt was in such aboriginal condition. Trawl nets can do accident to sea activity by crushing creatures as they’re ripped from the ocean, but the wet able-bodied is a far added affable hand. At lunch, the high-energy Rocconi, coiled mullet accepted ancillary to ancillary abaft his head, seemed added assertive than anytime the wet able-bodied would work.

He and King started alive up early, at about 3 a.m., a time aback krill arise abutting to the apparent to feed. They’d about-face on the wet able-bodied and try again.

On Jan. 2, the brace addled a affluent attitude of crustacean gold. The aboriginal Antarctic krill bashed through the aqueduct and aloft the clarify table, bottomward by Rocconi. The moment was the acme of decades of assignment for King, but in a awe-inspiring aberration of fate, it was abstracts artisan Tess Chapman who claimed the annual of spotting the Nuyina’s aboriginal Antarctic krill. 

In the aboriginal canicule of the voyage, Rocconi said he was hopeful of communicable 500 critters by the time the Nuyina alternate to Tasmania. The day afterwards the aboriginal catch, on Jan. 3, the aggregation bent 2,000. Hooting and hollering bankrupt out in the allowance as baptize splashed aloft the clarify table and beneath foot. The wet able-bodied worked, and it formed superbly.

“That was what I dreamed it could consistently deliver,” King said.

Rocconi inspects a krill bolt in the Nuyina’s containerized aquarium.

On the Nuyina’s science accouter there’s a hole. It sits in the angle of a room, and the abysmal sea apparatus that hangs over it smells like corrupt fish.

If you fell bottomward the 45-foot-long shaft, you’d end up wet, algid – maybe alike dead.  

The aperture is the Nuyina’s “moon pool,” and it allows scientists to admission the Southern Ocean through the boilerplate of the ship. You can anticipate of it like the moon aperture from Bold of Thrones; an aperture to the abundant aloft below. Fortunately, the Nuyina’s moon basin has two hatches, at the top and bottom, so expeditioners can’t be kicked into it unwillingly (at least, not from what I saw).

It’s a analytical basic of the Nuyina because it allows scientists to admission the ocean beneath the ice. Typically, analysis argosy arrange instruments or underwater drones over the ancillary or aback of the ship, blurred them boring to the ocean attic with miles-long cables. But aback the address is amidst ice in the Antarctic Ocean, that’s impossible. Instead, if you appetite to see what’s ambuscade underneath, you accept to get off the address and cut a aperture through afore you can lower instruments down.

The Conductivity, Temperature and Abysm (CTD) apparatus entering the moon pool.

What Do You Meme? - what do you meme game cards pdf
What Do You Meme? – what do you meme game cards pdf | what do you meme game cards pdf

The Nuyina’s moon basin sidesteps that problem, giving scientists admission to a apple that was advanced unreachable. It’s a abode area conflicting sea creatures army and area algid ocean baptize rests afore circulating about the planet. It’s a abode that has about been explored at all — but it could be analytical for compassionate altitude change.

Climate scientists anguish about how all-around abating is affecting Antarctica’s abysmal depths. Recent studies appearance the baptize lying at the basal of the Southern Ocean is accepting warmer and beneath salty, which could spell adversity for all-around ocean currents and how they circulate, throwing acclimate systems into chaos. But the furnishings of the change can be evaluated alone with connected monitoring. With a moon pool, the Nuyina can bear connected access, sampling the icy apple and compassionate how it changes. 

On its beginning voyage, Nuyina beatific bottomward instruments through the moon basin while anchored in the Southern Ocean, sampling baptize and demography temperature and application measurements. Watching instruments alight bottomward the shaft feels like seeing aircraft boring launched from the ISS, abandonment into a atramentous atramentous void. And approaching abstracts will accompany this adumbration alike afterpiece to accomplishment as expeditioners and scientists accelerate bottomward chargeless underwater cartage and drones. 

In March, scientists on a South African icebreaker in Antarctica’s Weddell Sea showed how advantageous underwater drones can be in surveilling the apple beneath the ice: They discovered the bones of the Endurance, Antarctic charlatan Ernest Shackleton’s ship. The 106-year-old bones was abounding of life. Ghostly sea squirts, angular sea stars and alike a anemic white backtalk had colonized the alveolate ship. 

Drones will be key to compassionate the ecosystems that abide beneath the East Antarctic ice and will advice acknowledge added about these conflicting worlds — and others aloft the solar system. NASA, for instance, has activated chargeless drones that could acknowledge the conflicting worlds that abide beneath the ice surrounding Antarctica. These tests will pave the way for drones to be beatific to the arctic moons of Jupiter and Saturn, bottomward into subsurface oceans on Europa and Enceladus. 

Johnathan Kool is hunting for the ambiguous and abstruse Planet Nine, a abstract catholic anatomy ambuscade aloft the apogee of Neptune.

The ascertainment accouter of the Nuyina adeptness assume like a aberrant abode to chase for planets, but this isn’t absolute activity — it’s a agenda bold accepted as The Crew, which works a bit like Hearts. Whenever he has a morning off, Kool joins me and the ship’s two doctors to resume the bold and our all-embracing search.  

In the ship’s newsletter, Kool, the abstracts centermost administrator at the Australian Antarctic Division, gets compared with the History Channel’s “Aliens” meme guy. But he’s far beneath disheveled and abounding added honest than the affinity suggests. 

For best of his career, he’s been alive with unwieldy, massive datasets, alive complicated computer simulations and models that booty into annual hundreds, if not thousands, of variables. “I anticipate I was big abstracts afore it was ‘big data,'” he generally remarks.

Johnathan Kool was big abstracts afore it was “big data.”

His aloft assignment on the Nuyina’s beginning boating is to ensure that the ship’s science instruments assignment in accord with its abstracts systems, carrying real-time advice to anyone alive aboard the ship. He says that if he’s accomplishing his job well, no one should absolutely apprehension him, and his aloft claiming in altercation abstracts follows on anon from his adulation of amateur like The Crew. 

“I’ve consistently been admiring to the accommodating ones,” he says. “I like aggravating to win adjoin the system.”

And on the Nuyina’s aboriginal voyage, the arrangement is a handful. The address annal advice from 70 instruments, including sensors that admeasurement particles in the water; alarm that looks for schools of angle and krill; meteorological instruments barometer ultraviolet radiation, clamminess and air temperature; webcams; CCTV; hydrophones; answer sounders and CTDs (which admeasurement conductivity, temperature and depth). Kool, and abstracts artisan Tess Chapman, accept to ensure the amaranthine beck of ones and zeros is clarification in accurately and in a way that’s apprehensible to the ship’s scientists.

In an ideal world, those scientists wouldn’t alike charge to be on the Nuyina, Kool says. Instead, they’d be able to admission abstracts calm by the ship, in absolute time, from anywhere in the world. A biologist in Portugal could chase dejected whales as they augment on krill; A astrologer could adviser changes in air burden to advice adumbrate acclimate conditions.

Expeditioners adviser admission abstracts from Nuyina’s apartment of instruments.

On the aboriginal journey, this would’ve been impossible. The Nuyina’s ambiguous accessory internet affiliation was one of the better bugbears for expeditioners. It had a best download acceleration of 4Mbps, the boilerplate internet acceleration in a US domiciliary in 2008, and an upload acceleration of 1Mbps. Downloading a PDF on the address would booty an absolute morning. Calling home via WhatsApp was an impossibility. Sometimes, there’d be no internet affiliation at all.

It’s accessible to see this as a first-world problem, but bigger connectivity is key to aperture up science in the Antarctic. Big abstracts is the best admired affair to researchers, and in the avant-garde apple the internet forms the courage of those systems. Kool alike mentions Starlink, the SpaceX accessory broadband network, as a acceptable archetype of potentially bargain means to advance connectivity in the future. 

Kool isn’t focused aloof on data, though. His added job is to administer the AAD’s seabed mapping program. The Nuyina is an invaluable new accessory in a common activity to map the absolute ocean attic by 2030, application acoustic instruments to brighten the apple below.

During its beginning voyage, the Nuyina showcased aloof how alive it’ll be in apprehension the secrets of the Southern Ocean floor.

Open Google Maps and zoom out until you can see the Earth as an orb, amphibian in space. Focus on the ocean, and you’ll acutely see the caliginosity of ridges and valleys; scars on the planet’s face that bisect the ocean floor. 

The abstraction of these curves, peaks and valleys on the seafloor is accepted as “bathymetry,” and there’s affirmation for bodies assuming these studies as aboriginal as 3,000 years ago, in age-old Egypt. Abounding of what you see on Google Maps is bent by satellites. But these aren’t absolute observations. They’re asperous estimates of how the planet looks beneath the waves, acquired by belief abstracts from those satellites.

The accurate contours of the ocean attic abundantly abide a mystery.

“We apperceive added about the apparent of Mars than we do our own planet,” Kool says. “We accept about 80% to 90% of Mars mapped, admitting the oceans are alone at about 20%.”

Bathymetry is axiological to compassionate the geological processes that affect our planet and the history of the Antarctic. Tens of bags of years ago, aback sea levels were lower, glaciers continued added out from the continent, abrogation abysmal voids in the Earth that are now covered by water.

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What Do You Meme? – what do you meme game cards pdf | what do you meme game cards pdf

Echo sounders assignment like a bat or dolphin, sending out complete after-effects and alert for the cho

“There’s a concrete adventure that’s preserved on the basal of the seafloor,” says Matt King, a assistant of arctic geodesy at the University of Tasmania and administrator of the Australian Centre for Excellence in Antarctic Science. “Human eyes accept never apparent that.”

Floyd Howard, an acoustics administrator aboard the ship, explains that the barge contains alive acoustic instruments accepted as answer sounders, which afford complete and accept for the answer to animation aback off the seafloor. “This is what a bat does at night, or a dolphin does in the sea,” he says.

During the aboriginal voyage, Howard and acoustic admiral Jill Brouwer and Alison Herbert acclimated the ship’s answer sounders to map a 7,200 basal abysmal coulee extending beneath the Vanderford berg in East Antarctica. In 2018, NASA scientists arise that Vanderford and adjacent glaciers had been accident about a basal of ice anniversary year aback 2009. They articular this change adeptness be due to warmer ocean currents from the arctic ambagious their way to the Antarctic, cheating up on the glaciers and melting them from below. 

The Nuyina’s answer sounders were additionally able to see beneath the berg for over two miles, showcasing the ship’s adeptness to angel genitalia of the Antarctic never apparent before. The videos the instruments aftermath feel adorable — rainbow-colored trenches appearance the ship’s aisle through the unmapped dark. A aircraft charting an abyss.

A flythrough of the Vanderford “Void.” The aphotic dejected regions are up to 7,200 anxiety deep.

By accouterment such a abundant map of what lies beneath, the Nuyina forms a analytical allotment of admiration Vanderford’s future. “It’s a berg that is beat and astute to a abating climate, but it turns out we don’t accept a lot of observations of this region,” addendum Felicity McCormack, a glaciologist at Monash University in Melbourne who’s belief Vanderford. 

She says the abstracts calm by the Nuyina will be abundantly important aback it comes to attractive at how the berg adeptness change in the future. 

Vanderford was the penultimate stop on the Nuyina’s adventure afore it fabricated for home. The boating was missing one analytical milestone: Breaking the ice.

The Nuyina’s bark is distinctively advised to angle and breach ice up to 5 basal thick.

Petersen Bank is an abstract graveyard.

Its bank amnion allurement behemothic icebergs until they cook or, shrinking, chargeless themselves and alluvion out to sea. But the Nuyina comes to blow in advanced of a acutely amaranthine amplitude of “fast ice,” baptize arctic to the continent’s shore. From the crow’s nest, a few icebergs are visible, as big as abundance ranges and dabbling out of a absolutely conflicting landscape, a white area that extends to the horizon.

With base resupply and refueling complete — and admitting the bead keel actual apparent beneath the address — a accommodation is made: The Nuyina will breach Antarctic ice for the aboriginal time. 

After dabbling the address at the angle of the ice, the adept sends the command to beef beeline ahead. The ship’s engines ability its advance forward, demography the aboriginal nibbles at the angle of the fast ice and causing Adélie penguins to besprinkle and dive into the water. Added afield are Emperor penguins, the better species, but they arise unperturbed. 

The arise of ice about registers over the complete of the wind blow the ship, but if you get abutting enough, you can apprehend the Nuyina cavernous forward. You can apprehend the ice accord way, unleashing acute cracks as it block beneath the bow. Then, if you arch to the aback of the ship, you can see the aisle of abolition that lies in her deathwatch — literally. 

The Nuyina pushes through fast ice in Petersen Bank.

Smashing through the arctic accumulation acquired a block of ice, bigger than a football field, to activate afloat out to sea. A asperous band runs backward, to area the Nuyina entered the ice. Bits of ice accept accumulated in the anew opened passage, bridging the gap. An Adélie penguin, chased by a seal, zooms out of the baptize and assimilate the ice bridge. 

Expeditioners ample the high decks of the address to breeze their emblem pictures with telephoto lenses and smartphones. This is absolutely the absolute moment for the Nuyina — breaking ice in Antarctica is what the address was congenital to do. The address rests aural the ice for hours. Surrounded by the purest white as far as the eye can see. Absolute few bodies will anytime acquaintance a moment like this and, with that realization, I’m reminded of amplitude again. A all-inclusive pettiness axiological to compassionate who we are and why we’re here.

Eventually, the adept orders the Nuyina to aback up. The wildlife flees, the expeditioners acknowledgment to cabins and workstations, and the address sets advance for her final destination: home.

In aloof four weeks, adored by the acclimate and oceans, the Nuyina completed a cardinal of celebrated firsts. It was able to accumulation Casey Base with 1 actor liters of ammunition and bear helicopters and aliment to Davis. Its accurate instruments were put through their paces, mapping appearance of the ocean floor, capturing krill in absolute action and extensive aloof anxiety aloft the seabed to appraise the ship’s advanced moon pool. Finally, it had burst ice. 

The address sailed into Hobart on Jan. 30, 2022, as the sun crested over Mount Wellington. 

Seventeen canicule later, refueled and restocked, the Nuyina was already afresh announcement her way to Antarctica.

Lead and final angel by Pete Harmsen/AAD. CNET catholic to Antarctica with the abutment of the Australian Antarctic Program.Correction May 3: Originally this allotment declared krill are 1/40th all biomass on Earth. This should accept said “animal biomass.”

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