Baby Lock Them Doors And Turn The Lights Down Low Lyrics

The Ultimate Revelation Of Baby Lock Them Doors Song | baby lock them doors song

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Baby Lock Them Doors And Turn The Lights Down Low Lyrics - baby lock them doors song
Baby Lock Them Doors And Turn The Lights Down Low Lyrics – baby lock them doors song | baby lock them doors song

Dann Rogers is bent to accumulate the bake of “The Gambler” burning.

The singer/songwriter, who is the nephew of country music figure Kenny Rogers, has led a acknowledged decades-long career advancing the ancestors business of authoritative music. At 15, he afflicted John Lennon and went on to address for abundant artists, including legends Glen Campbell and Dottie West, amid others.

Most recently, the artisan has appear a distinct and music video for “Lesson in Love,” which he said focuses on the difficult and circuitous accommodation surrounding abortion. It was a chancy affair for Rogers to booty on, but he was accountable to allotment his affections through song – article he has done all his life.

Rogers batten to Fox News Digital about what it was absolutely like growing up with an icon, how he carved out his own character in the music industry and why Campbell insisted he had the best big-ticket debris can in the world.


Dann Rogers (left) with his backward uncle Kenny Rogers. (Courtesy of Rogers & Cowan PMK)

Fox News: You appear from a agreeable family. Attractive back, what aggressive you to become an artist?Dann Rogers: My ancestor was an R&B almanac producer. He eventually endemic a almanac company. So I had all these acclaimed R&B artists in my abode and my life. Growing up, my dad would booty me to the recording studios or radio stations area he was announcement a song. I grew up in that environment. But I knew at 11 years old that I was activity to be a songwriter. And that’s all I capital to do aback then.

At age 15, I wrote my aboriginal hit for Johnny Nash alleged “My Merry Go Round.” John Lennon beatific me a claimed bulletin through Johnny Nash advertence that it was the best admirable song he had anytime heard in his life. So aback you get a bulletin from a Beatle at age 15, you apperceive you’re assimilate something. I like to kid about and acquaint people, “I started at the top and formed my way down.” Area does a adolescent kid go aback he gets a bulletin from a Beatle? I mean, that absolutely set the bar for me. And I had to booty my ability seriously.  Billy Cox, Jimi Hendrix’s bass player, I’ve accepted him aback I was 17. And he said to me, aback I was 17, “You don’t accept a choice.” And he was right.

Fox News: As the nephew of Kenny Rogers, were you afraid that music critics would casting you in his shadow?Rogers: That’s a accustomed action I accomplished aback I was young. In the beginning, aback they would analyze me to him, it aloof acquainted so unfair. But as I grew up, I accomplished that he was out there aperture doors for me. And I aloof accept to be acute abundant to apperceive how to acknowledge and how to handle myself. And he was a huge access – how could he not be? He and my dad were my two heroes.

Baby Lock The Door And Turn The Lights Down Low Josh Turner GIF  - baby lock them doors song
Baby Lock The Door And Turn The Lights Down Low Josh Turner GIF – baby lock them doors song | baby lock them doors song

Dann Rogers (left) declared his uncle Kenny Rogers as one of his heroes. (Courtesy of Rogers & Cowan PMK)

Fox News: How would you alarm your accord with Kenny Rogers?Rogers: We were actual close. If I anytime bare to allocution to him, he was there. We were family. We knew anniversary added all of our lives, so I looked at him differently. I never alleged him Kenny. I alleged him “Uncle Money.” *laughs*. But our accord was like any added amid uncle and nephew. We accurate anniversary other.


Fox News: Do you bethink the aftermost time you saw him?Rogers: … I bethink we were alone. And I knew it was the aftermost time I would anytime see him because he looked absolutely bad. He was absolutely beat out from actuality on the road. I said to him, “I appetite you to apperceive that you’ve spent a lifetime creating a abundant name for our family. And I affiance you that I will do aggregate in my ability to accumulate our ancestors name good.” He was touched. He about teared up. He said, “Thank you.” Ancestors was so important to him. We hugged. I told him I adulation him. We took one account together. And I knew that would be the aftermost account I would anytime booty with him. That was the aftermost time I anytime saw him. It was touching, but it was actual beautiful.

Fox News: You charge accept many, but what’s one anamnesis of your time with Kenny Rogers that makes you smile whenever you anticipate about it?Rogers: My admired adventure I like to acquaint bodies is aback I was 5 years old, he came to our abode in his cast new Buick Riviera. Kenny consistently had style. Even aback he was actual young, he was bent to accept appearance and attending good. So he came to the abode and asked my mom if he could ablution his car on the driveway. She said, “Sure.” He looks at me and goes, “Come on Danny, you can admonition me.” He threw a rag at me and I was abrasion the auto while he abrasion the car *laughs*.

Kenny Rogers assuming on stage, about 1978.  (David Redfern/Redferns)

Afterward, he said, “Come on, I’m gonna booty you to Dairy Queen and buy you ice chrism for allowance me.” We go to Dairy Queen and he said, “Tell her what you want.” And I said to the lady, “I appetite the better ice chrism you’ve got!”  He aloof looked bottomward at me, grinned and said, “I knew you were gonna say that.” And he tells the lady, “Give me the better ice chrism you have.” And abiding enough, I got the better ice chrism I’ve anytime apparent on this cone. I was aggravating to eat it so fast. I went to get in his car and he goes, “No, no, no, no!” He fabricated me sit alfresco and eat the accomplished affair afore I got in the car because he didn’t appetite me decrepit ice chrism all over the car. *laughs*.

There’s that added time aback The Aboriginal Edition bankrupt up. He alleged me and asked if my bandage could aback him up on his aboriginal four shows as a abandoned artist. We did. Standing on date with him was a aloft highlight for me. It was a moment of pride because he was one of my heroes that I looked up to. Abundant memories – I accept abounding of them… I bethink the times I spent with him benumbed horses out at the agronomical that he had… I can’t delay to see him again.


Josh Turner - Your Man (with lyrics) - baby lock them doors song
Josh Turner – Your Man (with lyrics) – baby lock them doors song | baby lock them doors song

Fox News: What admonition did he accord you on authoritative your mark as an artist?Rogers: He abiding did. The aboriginal affair he told me was to consistently be nice to people. If bodies like you, they will go out of their way to admonition you. And the additional affair he said was the added success you have, the prettier the girls get.

Dann Rogers was bent to carve out his own character as a singer/songwriter. (Courtesy of Rogers & Cowan PMK)

Fox News: I’m abiding that was a huge motivator for you.Rogers: It was! *laughs*

Fox News: Is it accurate that Glen Campbell concluded up recording one of the songs that you initially threw in the trash?Rogers: Yes, that’s true. I’m sitting in my accommodation bankrupt one Friday night. One of my abutting accompany that played in my bandage was autograph for Glen and arena in Glen’s band. Apparently, he played some of my songs to Glen. I get this buzz alarm at night. It was Glen Campbell. He goes, “I aloof heard some of the songs you’ve accounting and I anticipate you’re incredible. I was apprehensive if you could appear up to my abode and comedy me some more.” I said, “I’d adulation to, aback do you appetite me?” He goes, “How about appropriate now?”

I got in the car and went up to his abode and backward there for three days. Afresh one day he calls and says, “I’m in Vegas, why don’t you appear to Vegas?” One of my added bandage members, my keyboard player, was arena in his bandage at the time. So we concluded up in his allowance during a breach amid shows. He started arena this riff on a keyboard. I leaned over and started singing a lyric. We got center through it. I said, “Oh this isn’t any good.” I channelled up the lyrics I wrote and threw them in the debris can. I went bench and [songwriter] Steve Hardin, who I wrote it with, pulled it out of the debris can and played it for Glen.


Glen Campbell anesthetized abroad in 2017 at age 81. (Jasper Dailey/ Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images)

Six months later, I get a call. Glen was attractive for me. He was accomplishing my song on “The Tonight Show.” I asked, “What song?” I was told the song I wrote with Steve, “Hang on Baby.” I said, “I never wrote annihilation with Steve.” And they said, “Yes, you did. Glen said you did. And he’s attractive for you. That’s his new single.” I was assertive they got the amiss guy. I afraid up and 20 account later, it came to me. It was that song I started autograph with Steve and afresh threw in the debris can. I afresh get a alarm from Glen and he said, “Whatever you do, don’t you anytime bandy addition song until I apprehend it. I anticipate you’ve got the best big-ticket debris can in the world!”

Fox News: Acquaint us about your distinct “Lesson in Love.”Rogers: This is a song I wrote about 12 years ago while I was accomplishing a 40-day fast. I hadn’t accounting annihilation in a few years. I capital to put my spirit aloft my abdomen and get myself in a airy accompaniment and see if I could still address again. I got athirst for the truth. About eight canicule into the fast, I started autograph and I couldn’t stop.

Baby Lock Them Doors - Vine - baby lock them doors song
Baby Lock Them Doors – Vine – baby lock them doors song | baby lock them doors song

This song is about a woman advertent abortion. And I didn’t address it from a arguable standpoint. I wrote it from a standpoint of affinity of a man attractive at what a woman is activity through emotionally. The abundant affair about this song is we haven’t accustomed abrogating feedback. Hopefully, it’s confined a college purpose for women who are activity through this. I can’t brainstorm what it charge be like for a woman to go through this and contemplate this decision.

Fox News: Why were you so accountable to analyze the circuitous accommodation surrounding aborticide through song?Rogers: I can’t say that I was compelled. I aloof best up a guitar and played. If I latch assimilate a agreeable passage, I’ll sit there, comedy it and sing some melody. Already I accept the melody of music to affect me, I’ll address the aboriginal band of the song. And afresh the song writes itself. I had no intentions of sitting bottomward and autograph a song about a woman advertent abortion. The aboriginal band aloof came out of me. “She stares at the night abandoned in her room.” I thought, “What’s that about?” And the song began to unfold. And because I had gone through the aborticide action with a adherent abounding years ago, I was able to chronicle to the animosity and the emotions. So already I accomplished what I was autograph about, the song wrote itself.


Fox News: Some artists would be alert of absent to analyze such a arguable topic. But you’ve declared how admirers accept been accepting of the song. How do you feel about that acceptance?Rogers: Relieved. I did a focus accumulation afore I appear the song. It was 50 bodies – not one abrogating comment. And I anticipate it’s because of the way I wrote it. I capital the adviser to draw their own conclusions. I capital the bulletin to allege to them personally. So I’m actual adequate that it hasn’t affronted anyone. That’s why I didn’t almanac this song for 12 years. I larboard it alone. I anticipation it was too arguable of a subject.

But about 10 months ago, I aloof started accepting this acrimonious activity that I bare to almanac this song. I was absolutely anxious because I never appetite to affront anyone. But as an artist, I accept to be accurate to my art and myself aback I address it. It was time for this song to be heard. I’m aloof acquisitive it helps one being who hears the song. Afresh it will accept all been account it.

Dann Rogers said annihilation will authority him aback from befitting the bequest of his ancestors alive. (Courtesy of Rogers & Cowan PMK)

Fox News: What abroad do you accept in the works?Rogers: Well, I was aloof out on a acreage in Nashville for two weeks with my producer. We’re accepting accessible to absolution a song with a new video this summer… I appear a bifold album, “Life.” It was declared to be appear in backward March 2020. Kenny anesthetized abroad and I put a stop to it. I didn’t absolution it until September. I aloof couldn’t. I couldn’t absolution a almanac and go out there and allocution about myself while I was afflicted the accident of one of my heroes. Now, I feel accessible to go out there and backpack on the ancestors name. I appetite to absorb added time demography the music to the people.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

The Ultimate Revelation Of Baby Lock Them Doors Song | baby lock them doors song – baby lock them doors song
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Baby Lock Them Doors and Turn the Lights Down Low - song by Ana  - baby lock them doors song
Baby Lock Them Doors and Turn the Lights Down Low – song by Ana – baby lock them doors song | baby lock them doors song

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