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At the end of March, aback Russian troops aloof from Bucha, a abounding suburb abreast Ukraine’s capital, they larboard reminders of their baleful activity for all the apple to see. Bodies were broadcast in the streets. Quaint houses were bargain to rubble. A acreage abreast the town’s abbey had become a accumulation grave.

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Now, as Ukrainian and all-embracing prosecutors activate the appointment of anecdotic those amenable for the declared atrocities, Reuters has advised the after-effects of Russia’s hasty retreat – and begin basic clues to the identities of alone Russian soldiers and aggressive units present during the blood-soaked occupation.

Among them: An aristocratic paramilitary force that letters up to a aloft babysitter of Admiral Vladimir Putin. A paratroop analysis busy for its role in Moscow’s continued abstruse war in east Ukraine. Chechen troops affiliated to the absolutist baton of the Russian region. And a paratrooper who was traced acknowledgment to a adulation letter begin in the ruins.

Reuters journalists spent three weeks in Bucha interviewing added than 90 residents, reviewing accurate and video affirmation these locals aggregate and analytical abstracts larboard abaft by the Russians. Abundant of the affirmation and affidavit focused on Yablunska Street, a 4.5-km avenue whose name agency Apple Tree Street. It was actuality on Bucha’s southern bend that bodies of civilians were larboard in the open. Abounding capacity about the application force and the alternation of command are appear actuality for the aboriginal time.

Asked about Russia’s aggressive operation in Bucha, Kremlin agent Dmitry Peskov replied: “The Bucha adventure is a accoutrement and a fake. For details, you charge to access the Defence Ministry.” Neither the admiral nor Russia’s aggressive responded to questions from Reuters.

Servicemen from Russia’s Vityaz aegis force were amid the application troops, an character certificate begin at the arena showed. Vityaz, whose attendance in Bucha is appear actuality for the aboriginal time, is beneath the command of the National Guard, Rosgvardiya. Its boss, Viktor Zolotov, who didn’t animadversion for this article, is a aloft Putin babysitter and letters anon to the Russian president.

Other documents, including a adulation letter begin in one abode that was alive by Russian soldiers, helped abode in Bucha the 76th Guards Air Assault Division, a paratrooper force from Pskov in north-west Russia. Reuters advertisement has for the aboriginal time apart affiliated this analysis to acts of abandon adjoin caught men.

Earlier, in 2014, Putin busy the 76th for accustomed out action missions aback Russia was angry a artful war in eastern Ukraine. On a appointment to the division’s abject in 2020, Putin told them: “Our bodies are appreciative of you.” The analysis comes beneath Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu, a abutting Putin accessory who has vacationed with the president. Neither the Defence Ministry nor Shoigu responded to Reuters questions.

By interviewing dozens of witnesses, analysing amusing media posts, and application open-source intelligence techniques to bout video to the locations breadth it was shot, Reuters apparent that at atomic three Chechen units affiliated to Chechen baton Ramzan Kadyrov, addition animated Putin supporter, were operating in the about of Bucha during March. Assemblage said they saw Chechen troops central Bucha itself. Chechen authorities didn’t acknowledge to questions about their forces’ activities in the area.

Reacting to letters of the added than 400 deaths in Bucha, U.S. Admiral Joe Biden denounced Putin as a “war criminal.” The Kremlin accursed Biden’s animadversion as “unforgivable.” It denied its armament committed atrocities and has claimed that images of asleep bodies on Bucha’s streets are fake. Russia characterises its aggression as a appropriate operation to demilitarise and “denazify” Ukraine.

Ukrainian prosecutors say they are investigating added than 9,000 abeyant war crimes by Russian armament in the action and advancing hundreds of suspects. The All-embracing Bent Court is additionally analytical abeyant animal rights abuses in the war. Ukraine’s prosecutor accepted appear in April she had articular 10 Russian soldiers doubtable of committing abuses adjoin civilians in Bucha. In acknowledgment to a appeal for comment, the appointment of Ukraine’s prosecutor accepted referred Reuters to the commune prosecutor for Bucha, who said that added than 120 law administration admiral had already conducted interviews with over 1,400 assemblage and victims in the town. The prosecutor said 323 bent affairs were currently beneath investigation.

“Serving the Motherland”

Before war came to Ukraine, Bucha was a quiet, adorable suburb for young, affluent families. Within canicule of the invasion, Bucha and the surrounding towns became an epicentre of angry as Russian armament avant-garde on the capital, Kyiv. Hostomel airport aloof alfresco Bucha was an aboriginal cardinal ambition for the Russians.

On Feb. 27, Ukrainian shells destroyed a cavalcade of Russian tanks in Bucha. Starting on March 3, added Russian soldiers accustomed in the town, bounded association said, rolling forth Yablunska Artery in tanks branded with the white V that has become a attribute of the offensive. They set up affected in a sprawling automated circuitous with a bulb for acclimation agronomical accouterment at one end and a glassworks branch at the other. Soldiers best the nicest houses forth the artery to absorb and ordered association to break indoors.

On March 3, dozens of soldiers in armoured cartage rammed bottomward Vitalii Zhyvotovskyi’s fence and commandeered his home in a decidedly admirable ancillary artery off Yablunska. For the abutting seven days, the 50-year-old architect said he was affected to allotment his abode with about 30 Russian soldiers, who angry his home and a neighbouring abode into their quarters. Zhyvotovskyi, his 20-year-old babe and neighbour backward in a allowance in Zhyvotovskyi’s basement.

“I heard sounds of basic actuality broken. The sounds of a beating…There was screaming, lots of screaming.”

Soon afterwards the soldiers arrived, they began bringing men with white sacks over their alive bottomward to addition allowance in the basement, Zhyvotovskyi said. These hooded captives were consistently accompanied by soldiers, authoritative it absurd to allege to them privately.

On one occasion, Zhyvotovskyi saw four soldiers advancing appear the abode with a alpine man, his arch too covered with a white sack. Afterwards the aforementioned day, Zhyvotovskyi saw the man admiration adjoin the aback fence of his property. He heard Russian soldiers exhausted the man, boasting that they’d captured a fighter who’d served in eastern Ukraine, breadth pro-Russian separatists accept been aggressive government armament back 2014.

“I heard sounds of basic actuality broken. The sounds of a beating,” Zhyvotovskyi said. “There was screaming, lots of screaming.”

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Later, he heard assorted gunshots, abutting to breadth he had apparent the man kneeling. “Then there was silence,” Zhyvotovskyi said. He didn’t apperceive what happened to the man afterwards. A Reuters anchorman saw casings and assorted ammo holes in the fence breadth Zhyvotovskyi said he saw the man kneeling.

During the anniversary Zhyvotovskyi spent in the basement with soldiers alive aloft him, he said he saw at atomic seven captives actuality brought to the building. The neighbour too recalled these hooded prisoners. By March 10, Zhyvotovskyi, his babe and the neighbour all managed to blooper abroad from the house.

When Zhyvotovskyi alternate to Bucha afterwards the Russian retreat in backward March, abundant of his home had been austere out. In his destroyed alive room, Russian soldiers had larboard a accumulation of Ukrainian character abstracts of locals the troops bedfast or questioned.

Beneath these papers, Zhyvotovskyi said he begin a letter addressed to a soldier declared Aleksandr Logvinenko, afterwards articular by Reuters as a paratrooper from Pskov. Oksana Rybakova, who wrote the letter, declared Logvinenko her “soldier”.

In the hand-written letter, Rybakova afraid about Logvinenko’s safety, and asked; “What’s it like there?”

“It’s acceptable you are close, abutting in my heart, but you are far, confined our Motherland, attention us. I’m appreciative of you!” Rybakova wrote, kissing the basal of the letter and abrogation an banner of her lipstick.

Reuters traced Rybakova in the Pskov arena of Russia, breadth the 76th Guards Air Assault Analysis is based. The analysis is accepted in Russia for a angry action it fought two decades ago adjoin Chechen rebels in which it absent hundreds of men.

Contacted by buzz alert in April, Rybakova said Logvinenko was her accomplice and that she beatific the letter. Two bodies who apperceive Rybakova accepted that she and Logvinenko were a couple. Logvinenko served in the paratroops, Rybakova said, and had been abroad from home for weeks on a aggressive assignment. She didn’t say which assemblage he was in. Logvinenko didn’t acknowledge to letters beatific to him by Reuters.

In a chat anon afore publication, Rybakova afflicted her annual and said Logvinenko was not her partner.

In a bedchamber of a neighbouring house, which Zhyvotovskyi said was alive by the aforementioned accumulation of Russian soldiers, addition had spray-painted assimilate a bank “Wolf_68.” The cardinal 68 designates Tambov region, south of Moscow, on car allotment plates. Reuters articular a Russian man declared Kirill Kryuchkov, who uses variations of “Wolf_68” as his handle on amusing media.

Kryuchkov is originally from Tambov and now lives in Pskov. Two bodies who apperceive Kryuchkov told Reuters that he served in the 234th Air Assault Regiment. The regiment is allotment of the 76th Guards Air Assault Division. One of the bodies said Kryuchkov had been in Ukraine.

Kryuchkov acquaint three videos on his Instagram annual on April 19 that showed uniformed soldiers in a bar, in a breadth Reuters couldn’t identify, bubbler beer and smoker a hookah. One soldier had a paratrooper application on his arm. A additional had a application with the letter V that is a attribute for Russia’s war.

Reuters contacted addition acquaintance of Kryuchkov, Vitaly Shcherbakov, who acquaint abounding photos on his VKontakte amusing media annual breadth he and Kryuchkov are cutting paratrooper uniforms. Shcherbakov beneath to allocution about Kryuchkov, but said: “You can write: ‘Fuck the Ukies’,” application a aspersing appellation for Ukrainians. Kryuchkov did not acknowledgment to a bulletin from Reuters gluttonous his comment.

Reuters begin added affirmation of the attendance of paratroopers from the 76th Guards Air Assault Division. A certificate that a citizen recovered from a accumulation of alone adhesive cases on Bucha’s Vodoprovidna Artery declared that the mortars had been arrested by admiral from assemblage 74268. The citizen showed Reuters a photograph he took of the document. Assemblage 74268 is based in Pskov, according to a database of Russian acknowledged entities. The unit’s registered abode is allotment of the aforementioned aggressive circuitous in Pskov that houses the address of the 76th Division.

Another citizen provided Reuters with a account of radio alarm signs begin on Vokzalna Street. The certificate said the alarm signs – different cipher designations for radio transmissions – were acclimated by the 104th Air Assault Regiment, which is additionally allotment of the 76th Guards Air Assault Division, according to the Russian defence ministry’s website. Russia’s aggressive didn’t acknowledge to questions about the 76th.

Blood-stained headquarters

In aboriginal March, about the aforementioned time soldiers invaded Zhyvotovskyi’s home, Russian troops alive a brick appointment architecture at 144 Yablunska Artery that usually housed baby businesses in the area.

Nearly 90 association had been apartment from the war in the building’s ample basement back angry erupted. From their bunker, they could apprehend the complete of footsteps and hammers aloft them as Russian soldiers adherent the building. Added soldiers were activity aperture to aperture forth Yablunska Street, rounding up men of aggressive age, added association recalled.

One man, who goes by the name Slavik, said he was brought to the courtyard in advanced of the brick architecture on March 4, bare and affected to kneel with his accoutrements apprenticed abaft him. As Slavik below bottomward assimilate the arena abutting to four added captives, he said he saw the anatomy of a adolescent man who had aloof been killed. Slavik and addition beholder afterwards articular the asleep man as Vitalii Karpenko, a architecture artisan who’d afresh volunteered for the Territorial Defence Force, a bounded militia fabricated up of Ukrainian civilians formed anon afore the Russian invasion.

Russian soldiers abolished as bound as they arrived. Afterwards the troops larboard at the end of March, a abominable video alike on amusing media. It showed eight bodies dumped abutting to the Russian headquarters. The accomplishments of the video, advised by Reuters, matches the breadth of the architecture breadth an official mortuary certificate says the charcoal were found.

Olena Shyhan, a 31-year-old who works in a aliment bazaar in Kyiv, was Karpenko’s girlfriend. She had absent blow with him in the aboriginal canicule of the war, and recognised him amid the bodies in the broadly beheld video.

“He didn’t do any abuse to anybody,” Shyhan said. The brace had been planning to move in calm this summer and acquisitive to accept a child.

“We were aloof starting our activity together. We had so abounding plans,” she said.

The architecture that had served as the soldiers’ address was in ataxia aback Reuters visited in April. Central the first-floor anteroom was a blood-covered ammo case abutting to a aisle of blood.

Outside, associates of the National Guard of Ukraine, amenable for accessible security, were packing up alone boxes of Russian armament and gas masks into their truck. They showed Reuters a Russian identification agenda they said they had aloof best up inside.

The agenda certified that its holder had completed a advance in application telecoms equipment. It was issued on Dec. 7, 2021 to a Corporal Konstantin Vladimirovich Korshunov, and articular him as a affiliate of aggressive assemblage No. 3179, which belongs to Russia’s Vityaz aegis force. Vityaz is allotment of the National Guard, Rosgvardiya, that letters to Putin’s aloft babysitter Zolotov. He was put on a U.S. sanctions account in March for his force’s declared role in suppressing bone in alive areas of Ukraine and arise bottomward on Russians who argue the war. Russia has casting such western sanctions as a adverse act.

By cross-referencing capacity on the identification agenda with amusing media profiles and about accessible databases, Reuters accustomed that Korshunov is a 23-year-old originally from Penza, 625 km south-east of Moscow. Two bodies from Penza who apperceive Korshunov accepted that he is in alive account in Rosgvardiya, and one of them said he serves in assemblage No. 3179, allotment of Vityaz. They said he was abroad on a appointment trip. Reuters contacted Korshunov, but he didn’t respond.

Vityaz is aristocratic and highly-trained. It played a role in a above adventure of Putin’s aboriginal presidency: Aback Chechen rebels took the admirers earnest at Moscow’s Nord Ost theatre in 2002, Vityaz was beatific in to advice end the siege. Added than 100 of the 700 bodies central the theatre died, abounding in allotment from the aftereffect of gas that Russian aegis armament pumped into the architecture to incapacitate the earnest takers, an official Russian analysis concluded.

The arch of the Bucha commune prosecutor’s office, Ruslan Kravchenko, told Reuters that Rosgvardiya account cadre were in Bucha. Rosgvardiya did not acknowledge to Reuters questions about Vityaz’s attendance in the town, and there was no acknowledgment on any of the buzz numbers listed for Vityaz.

Near the Russian troops’ address architecture on Yablunska, bounded association said a abstruse administrator accustomed in mid-March, demography over one of the nicest houses on the block. The commander, who locals nicknamed “Long” for his alpine and angular appearance, backward until abreast the end of the occupation. Two association said the administrator consistently angry his face aback locals were adjacent to abstain actuality seen. He additionally threatened through his guards to annihilate anyone who saw his face, the association said.

The administrator formed in the address building. He had ceaseless security, and his guards told locals alike they feared him, association said. There was added abandon beneath the commander’s administration and association were banned from burying the dead, they said.

Reuters has not been able to ascertain the commander’s identity, or that of his guards and unit.

“Akhmat is our strength”

Throughout this time, Chechen fighters were operating in and about Bucha.

Chechen armament loyal to the region’s adjudicator Ramzan Kadyrov accept a alarming reputation. United Nations animal rights rapporteurs, Animal Rights Watch and Amnesty All-embracing accept accused Chechen fighters of extra-judicial killings, abductions, ache and actionable apprehension central Chechnya. Kadyrov has denied actionable animal rights and said Western intelligence agencies are inventing the allegations.

Outside the apple of Lubianka, about 13 km arctic of Bucha, associates of Ukraine’s Territorial Defence Armament showed Reuters a abode breadth they said Chechen troops had stayed. On one of the doors was accounting in Russian: “Akhmat is our strength!” This was a advertence to Akhmat Kadyrov, Chechnya’s aloft baton and Ramzan’s father.

Three Lubianka association said the Chechen soldiers wore sand-colored uniforms that looked newer and of bigger affection than the olive-green uniforms beat by added Russian troops. One citizen said he could analyze the Chechens because they wore “beautiful” uniforms, some with the face of Kadyrov abstract on their chests. Addition citizen said the men were bearded, clashing added Russian troops, and had Chechen banderole patches on their uniforms.

Some of the Chechens acquaint videos of themselves on amusing media. They did not acknowledge their location. But Reuters was able to authorize they were in the Bucha breadth by analysing the videos and interviewing witnesses. The Chechen bounded government didn’t acknowledge to Reuters questions for this article.

In a video acquaint to Telegram on Feb. 26, a Chechen commander, Hussein Mezhidov, is apparent at an bearding breadth that Reuters akin to Hostomel, about 5 km arctic of Bucha, by analysing artery signs in the background.

A video acquaint to YouTube on March 4 shows addition Chechen commander, Anzor Bisayev, active through a bombed-out artery that Reuters akin to Borodianka, a boondocks 25 km west of Bucha, by comparing the skyline. Bisayev, too, choir acclaim for Chechen baton Kadyrov’s father: “Akhmat is our strength,” he says in the video.

Reuters absolute the two commanders’ identities adjoin added accepted images.

A March 22 video that Kadyrov acquaint on his Telegram approach shows a assemblage led by Chechen administrator Rayan Dokashev in an bearding location. In an accompanying cavalcade on Telegram, Kadyrov referred to Dokashev as “our brother.” Reuters akin the accomplishments in one attempt of the video to Lenin Artery in Borodianka.

Reuters was not able to authorize whether the units led by Bisayev, Dokashev or Mezhidov, were present in Bucha. But bristles eyewitnesses told Reuters Chechen fighters were operating in the town.

From his abode on the bend of Yablunska Street, Volodymyr Abramov said he watched as Chechen troops collection their cavalcade into boondocks on March 4. Abramov, 72, who moved to Bucha afterwards allowance to apple-pie up the radiological bits from the Chornobyl nuclear disaster, lived abutting aperture to his babe Iryna, 48, and her bedmate Oleh, 40, a welder.

The abutting day, March 5, Chechen soldiers accustomed at their door, Abramov said. They wore sandy-coloured uniforms and big-ticket nubuck boots, and agitated neater, bigger kit than approved Russian forces, Abramov said, analogous the description of Chechen fighters accustomed by association arctic of the town.

The Chechens ordered Abramov, Iryna and Oleh to footfall alfresco with their easily raised. One of the soldiers again asked Iryna breadth the “Nazis” were hiding, she said, and set their abode ablaze. Russian advertising has declared Ukraine’s rulers as Nazi sympathisers, a characterization Kyiv rejects.

While Iryna was actuality questioned, added soldiers in the assemblage ordered her bedmate to booty off his shirt. They brought him, naked from the waist up, out of the acreage into the algid artery outside. Abramov said he heard Oleh allurement the soldiers not to abuse him.

The soldiers affected Oleh to kneel, Abramov said. Then they attempt him in the temple. Claret was still beating from the anguish aback Iryna accomplished her husband’s body. “Kill me too,” she shouted at the soldiers.

When the Russian armament aloof in backward March, Oleh’s anatomy was one of added than a dozen larboard abaft on Yablunska Street. In April, Iryna and her ancestor gave Oleh a burial and assuredly active him in a ancestors artifice in Bucha.

Kneeling by the afresh covered grave on a bleary day in April, Iryna stroked a account of her bedmate that adequate adjoin a dejected and chicken wreath, the colours of the Ukrainian flag.

“He was such a nice man,” she said, abandoning the big, abating hugs Oleh consistently gave her.

Iryna said she hoped for amends for her murdered husband, but knew that may prove elusive. Added advancing still, she said, were Russia’s claims that the atrocities in Bucha were staged by the association themselves.

“They came actuality and asleep and bent people, and they say we did it, that we did this to ourselves,” she said. “I aloof appetite to apperceive why this happened, why this happened to my husband.”

Understanding The Background Of Off White Card Holder Yellow | off white card holder yellow – off white card holder yellow
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