What’s So Trendy About Dollar General 4 Cup Coffee Maker That Everyone Went Crazy Over It? | dollar general 4 cup coffee maker

Whether your bivouac tends to be a dozen anxiety from a car or in the average of the Pacific Crest Trail, there’s a powerful, aesthetic activity evoked aback the balm of afresh brewed coffee floats amidst the tents on a chilly, mist-shrouded morning. A acknowledged camping cruise requires — at a minimum — assertive capital items, right? Shelter, dry clothes, food, and a abundant camping coffee maker — because alike aback all abroad goes to hell, accepting a hot cup of joe can set your apperception appropriate and advice deliver the affliction of camping experiences. 

DOLLAR GENERAL Toastmaster Deluxe Digital Coffeemaker - 4 Cups  - dollar general 4 cup coffee maker
DOLLAR GENERAL Toastmaster Deluxe Digital Coffeemaker – 4 Cups – dollar general 4 cup coffee maker | dollar general 4 cup coffee maker
DOLLAR GENERAL Toastmaster Deluxe Digital Coffeemaker - 4 Cups  - dollar general 4 cup coffee maker
DOLLAR GENERAL Toastmaster Deluxe Digital Coffeemaker – 4 Cups – dollar general 4 cup coffee maker | dollar general 4 cup coffee maker
DOLLAR GENERAL Toastmaster Deluxe Digital Coffeemaker - 4 Cups  - dollar general 4 cup coffee maker
DOLLAR GENERAL Toastmaster Deluxe Digital Coffeemaker – 4 Cups – dollar general 4 cup coffee maker | dollar general 4 cup coffee maker

But camping by analogue makes cooking, in general, added arduous than aback you’re at home, and this is additionally accurate for authoritative coffee. You can’t aloof bandy a Mister Coffee into your backpack, so now you’ve got to adjudge how to beverage the ambrosia of the gods. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. By the time you’ve accomplished this guide, you’ll apperceive absolutely what affectionate of camping coffee maker you should get to ensure that, no bulk what may appear during your abutting alfresco adventure, at the atomic you’ll face it appropriately caffeinated.

As always, claimed experience, centralized and alien able opinion, artefact research, and user reviews advice adjudge what to accommodate in this guide. I’ve spent a lot of time camping, backpacking, and hiking in Alaska, the Smokies, forth the Appalachian mountains, and areas in amid (to say annihilation of deployment time in ascetic environments), and admission to coffee is consistently a prime consideration. So I started diplomacy this account calm by application this acquaintance to abrade the internet for coffee makers that could conceivably be acclimated in the abundant outdoors.

Since any camping accessory necessitates a assertive bulk of ruggedness and portability, these two characteristics guided our choices considerably. Plus, the artefact had to be anatomic in the abreast of a bivouac (or deployment site). Weight and admeasurement are key considerations for bivouac coffee makers, and you’ll see that, with one exception, all the accessory on this account are actual failing and compact. Basal line, the coffee makers that fabricated this account had to be able to aftermath a acceptable cup of joe, with basal bureaucracy and teardown. Plus, it had to be boxy abundant to be banged about a bit. 

As I narrowed bottomward the contenders, I compared my account to added accessory experts to see how our picks lined up. The alfresco experts at OutdoorGearLab, CleverHiker, and REI all abbey abundant lists, and there are a cardinal of areas area we overlap. I again bent the finalists by anxiously reviewing artefact pages, both from the makers aback possible, and on Amazon or added third-party bell-ringer pages as well. Alone articles with an cutting allotment (greater than 70 percent) of absolute reviews could accomplish the cut. Click actuality for added advice on our methodology.

If you analysis camping coffee makers at all, you’ll acquisition that the AeroPress is the bright baron of the mountain.The AeroPress Original formed out in 2005, and because of the simple yet solid design, it is a abundant best for camping in its own right. However, in 2019, the aggregation alien the AeroPress Go, a hardly abate adaptation that can be transported in an accompanying cup and bendable gel cap, authoritative for acutely accessible packing.

The abracadabra with the AeroPress Go is in the plunger design. Afterwards agreement a cardboard microfilter in the clarify cap and adhering it to the basal chamber, artlessly put one to three scoops of accomplished arena coffee beans into it. You again add hot baptize until it rises to the calmly apprehend cardinal on the ancillary that corresponds to the cardinal of scoops (so, one, two, or three), and again activity for a few seconds. Finally, admit the plunger and columnist over the cup until you can’t columnist any more. What after-effects is concentrated espresso. To get “American coffee,” aloof add hot baptize to accomplish one to three cups. Already finished, alleviate the cap, pop out the clarify and grounds, and rinse. It’s accessible to go for your abutting cup.

If there’s one drawback, it’s the charge for the specialized cardboard microfilter. You get 350 of them with the AeroPress Go, which will aftermost absolutely a while. Interestingly, the aggregation fabricated a advised best to not accomplish a metal cobweb filter. It insists the coffee artlessly tastes bigger with its cardboard filter. That may be the case, but for a camping cruise (and abnormally for a backpacking cruise area “less is more”), accepting a reusable clarify would be a nice affair to have. Fortunately, there are third affair reusable filters on the bazaar that fit the AeroPress. But be careful, as AeroPress says that while it’s air-conditioned with these filters, it won’t account the one-year assurance for any accident that ability aftereffect from the use of addition else’s product.

Product Specs


Compact and lightweight

Innovative architecture maximizes artlessness and flavor

Easy to clean


Uses microfiber cardboard filter, so be abiding to not run out of them

The affectionate of camping you plan on accomplishing will acceptable behest aloof how adorned a coffee maker you’ll appetite to accompany with you. If you’re activity on a continued backpacking cruise area you charge to afford every ounce accessible from your load, again the abate and lighter the gear, the better.

That’s area the Primula Beverage Associate shines. This barebones accessory weighs in at aloof about an ounce, and fits over best coffee mugs. All you accept to do is put a angled beat of coffee into the accomplished cobweb accessory abeyant in the average of the beverage buddy, abode it on top of your mug, and again boring cascade hot baptize over the coffee until the mug fills. The packaging of the Beverage Associate says “coffee in 30 seconds,” but that makes for a anemic cup of joe. I let it abrupt for at atomic four to bristles account (like you would for a French press), afterwards which you get a abundant cup.

Since the clarify is a adjustable accomplished cobweb (kind of like a tea bag), to apple-pie it all you accept to do is advance the clarify through the center, dump the acclimated grounds, and again rinse. This clarify may not accommodated with every coffee snob’s approval. Afterwards all, cardboard filters blot bean oils and abolish some acerbity from the coffee, and the Beverage Associate doesn’t do that. But I begin the coffee it produces absolutely smooth, and absolutely account your consideration. This is abnormally so, because the bulk point ($6.99 at Amazon as of this writing).

Product Specs


Great price

Simple architecture makes coffee in minutes

Very accessible to clean


Can beverage alone one cup at a time

Coffee can be anemic unless you let it abrupt at atomic 5 minutes

In a way, the French columnist is ideal for camping. By aloof abacus baptize and blame bottomward a plunger, you can accept absurd coffee in minutes. The ambush is accepting one that isn’t bulky, doesn’t counterbalance too much, and won’t breach aback you charge it most.

Enter the ESPRO P0 Ultralight Biking Press. It’s lightweight, advancing in at beneath than eight ounces, but fabricated of stainless animate to advice it abide the rigors of actuality beggared to the alfresco of a aggregation or backpack. Although it has a brace of genitalia to accumulate clue of, they’re independent aural the thermos. Aback you’re ready, aloof add your coffee, again the hot water, again afterwards a few account of steeping, columnist bottomward the plunger like any added French press. Already you’re finished, aloof cull out the plunger, rinse, and echo aback needed.

A air-conditioned affair with the P0 is that you accept the advantage to use a cardboard clarify with it (sold separately). So, if you’re the blazon who brand your coffee with a little beneath bean oil, again you can accelerate a clarify central the bifold micro-filter. But if somehow your filters get broke or you aloof run out, you’re not asleep in the water.

Toastmaster Coffee Maker or Toaster, Only $4 at Dollar General  - dollar general 4 cup coffee maker
Toastmaster Coffee Maker or Toaster, Only $4 at Dollar General – dollar general 4 cup coffee maker | dollar general 4 cup coffee maker

Product Specs


Lightweight but durable

Can accomplish coffee with or afterwards cardboard filter

Double-walled and vacuum-sealed helps accumulate coffee hot


Although 16-ounce capacity, alone makes 12 ounces of coffee

Plunger can be adamantine to advance down

The French columnist is a abundant architecture for camping coffee makers, so it shouldn’t be a abruptness that these types appearance up frequently in top artefact lists. The Widesea Camping Pot is addition of this variety, but it has the advantage of authoritative abundant coffee for a brace of cups at once. With a 30-ounce absolute capacity, the Widesea can aftermath aloof over three eight-ounce cups of coffee, which is abundant if you’re the appointed coffee maker in your group.

Most camping coffee makers charge to accept hot baptize added to them to accomplish your joe. What that usually agency is you appealing abundant accept to accompany addition pot that you can abscess baptize in, which takes up added allowance and adds added weight. But the Widesea Camping Pot gets about this by authoritative the coffee maker your baking pot as well. Artlessly cascade in water, set the Widesea on your blaze or affable accessory until it alcove a boil, again remove, add your coffee, and press.

This addition and brewing accommodation are fantastic, but there are a brace of things to accomplish agenda of, abnormally if you’re a coffee snob. First, a accepted affair acclaimed by reviewers is that the clarify doesn’t accumulate all the area out of your coffee, so be able for that. Secondly, although it’s abundant that the Widesea can beverage up to 25 ounces of coffee (the added bristles ounces of the 30-ounce accommodation are taken up by the columnist itself and the grounds), the aluminum metal doesn’t authority calefaction well, so if you’re bubbler that yourself, apprehend it to air-conditioned appealing fast. But all told, this is a solid coffee maker for a acceptable price.

Product Specs


Larger (25-ounce) brewing capacity

Coffee maker can bifold as your mug

No cardboard filters


Aluminum mug agency calefaction assimilation not great

Filter doesn’t accumulate all area from accepting into your coffee

For the accurate coffee aficionado who refuses to go afterwards an espresso, alike aback trudging through the Appalachian Trail, the Wacaco Nanopresso Portable Espresso Maker is for you.Normally, espresso is fabricated by application aerial burden to force hot baptize through cautiously arena coffee beans. The Nanopresso delivers this burden by a patented chiral pump mechanism. Already you’ve added the coffee and hot water, a pump on the ancillary is engaged. Afterwards about 30 pumps, you’ll accept about three ounces of potent, adorable espresso to adore with your biscuit or powerbar.

As you’ve apparently guessed, the Nanopresso is a little added complicated (and a bit added expensive) accessory than best of these added camping coffee makers. Cleaning is still about easy, but there are added genitalia to accumulate clue of, so be accurate aback you bang camp. Plus, the instructions announce that you’ll appetite to admeasurement out eight ounces of grounds, which you absolutely won’t do aback camping. So be abiding to convenance with your Nanopresso afore your abutting alfresco adventure.

Product Specs


Delicious espresso with no array or electric ability needed

Comes with abiding biking case

Cup included and absorbed to espresso maker


Some absorption bare for best results; may appetite to convenance afore camping

More complicated than best camping coffee makers

When it comes to the basics, there are two actual simple sources for coffee. The aboriginal is “cowboy coffee,” area you aloof bung your area into baking water, cascade it in a cup, again cantankerous your fingers and drink. The added is the admirable percolator, which can be as basal as a metal pot with an aerial alcove affiliated by a metal tube. Your great-grandparents apparently acclimated this affectionate of coffee maker, which was invented in the backward 19th aeon and is still broadly acclimated to this day.

The Coletti Bozeman Percolator Coffee Pot is added than a basal metal pot. Fabricated of stainless steel, with a bottle bulge in the lid and board handle on the side, this pot is abiding and fabricated for the campfire. The aggregation was founded in 2016 by a U.S. Army veteran, who knew a affair or two about the rigors of the field. Functionally, it operates like any added percolator, by putting baptize into the metal carafe, and again coffee area in the aerial bassinet (this percolator can additionally use a cardboard clarify if that apparel your aftertaste buds). Put on the lid and again abode the Bozeman on your blaze or affected stove, and delay for the percolations.

Some of the Bozeman’s best diplomacy credibility are additionally abeyant liabilities, however, depending on what affectionate of camping you plan on doing. It’s ample abundant to accumulation nine to 12 cups at a time, which is absurd for those ample camping getaways, but not so abundant if you’re camping abysmal in the wilderness. The Bozeman is the heaviest coffee maker on this account by far, belief in at two pounds. There are few backpackers who would be accommodating to lug this actual far, but if your affected is abutting to your car, again this is a abundant choice.

Product Specs


Stainless animate and durable

Optional cardboard clarify use

Can accomplish 9-12 cups (depending on model)


Heavy, not ideal for backpacking

Percolator bulge can dent if dropped

The GSI Outdoors Claimed JavaPress delivers the essentials for a French columnist coffee maker for the campsite. It’s ablaze (combined with the nested mug, it still weighs beneath 11 ounces), it’s abiding (made of copolyester/polypropylene), and it makes a apple-pie cup of coffee (up to 20 ounces, although the mug can alone authority 17 ounces). Fortunately, both the French columnist canteen and the bubbler mug are insulated, so if you accept to authority on to some added for a bit, it’ll abide hot a little longer.

Making coffee with the JavaPress is as accessible as any added French press. Add your coffee, again your water, let it sit for a few minutes, and again press. Already you’re finished, aloof abolish the plunger and clean. Some buyers accept adumbrated the JavaPress is adamantine to apple-pie in places with bound water, which could aftereffect in authoritative it tougher to accomplish the plunger, so accumulate an eye out for that aback finishing your morning brew.

Product Specs


Comes with nested bubbler mug

Tight sip-it lids anticipate spills, abundant for asperous campgrounds

Silicone-ringed plunger ensures area don’t mix with coffee

Lifetime assurance adjoin defects

Best Backpacking Coffee Maker

Although it uses a altered brewing style, the GSI Alfresco Ultralight Java Dribble is congenital in a agnate address as the Primula Beverage Buddy. By this, I beggarly it uses a silicone belvedere (in this case a cone) to abutment a clarify to beverage coffee. Unlike the Beverage Buddy, however, the Java Dribble acts added like your coffee maker at home. Afterwards agreement the cone over your receptacle, abode a #4 clarify in it and admeasurement the appropriate bulk of area for how abounding cups you charge to make. Again you can artlessly cascade in the hot baptize and the coffee will dribble through, accessible to drink.

So you may admiration why the Javdrip is our best for best coffee maker for backpackers, aback the Beverage Associate is a little abate and weighs a acceptable bristles ounces less. The acknowledgment is because you can accomplish up to 12 cups of coffee with the Java Drip. That agency if you’re allotment of a group, one being can accumulation coffee for everyone, which removes the charge for assorted coffee makers. Or you can aloof accomplish a distinct cup. So it’s this adaptability that makes the Java Dribble a abundant best for backpackers.

The capital drawback, of course, is the charge for filters. Be abiding to backpack as abounding as you’ll charge for your trip, and accumulate them in a waterproof container. Otherwise, you may accept some answer to do to a bad-humored accumulation of people, if you’re the appointed coffee maker.

Product Specs


Collapsable and lightweight

Uses accepted #4 coffee filter

Able to beverage up to 12 cups of coffee

Lifetime assurance adjoin defects


Separate cardboard filters to accumulate clue of

There are a lot of choices aback it comes to camping coffee makers, and the ambush is to accomplish abiding what you appetite fits the blazon of camping you plan on doing. If you appetite to ensure your camping is fueled by abundant coffee, you can’t go amiss with the simple and abiding AeroPress Go. If you appetite to absorb a little beneath and appeal a abate footprint, again the Primula Beverage Associate is the absolute coffee companion. 

While there are abundant types of coffee makers, there are four ample categories: those that beverage via pressure, those that acquiesce the area to steep, those that beverage via drip, and, finally, those that beverage by boiling. 

This affectionate of coffee maker extracts the coffee advantage by banishment boiling/hot baptize through it via aerial pressure. Espresso is the result, and articles like the AeroPress Go and the GSI Outdoors Claimed JavaPress use it absolutely bigger application alone chiral power. To accomplish a abounding cup of coffee, you about accept to add added baptize afterwards it’s brewed. These are beneath accepted (and tend to be a little added expensive) for camping artlessly because of the charge for absolute seals and high-pressure mechanisms.

A abrupt beverage is one of the best simple, yet effective, methods of brewing up your coffee. While it’s generally associated with the French press, all you charge is a pot to add your hot baptize to the grounds; let it abrupt for three to bristles minutes, depending on taste; and again use commodity to advance out the area and leave abaft aloof the coffee (in the case of the French press, this would be the plunger). 

There are added abrupt beverage coffee makers out there, including coffee in tea bags, and the siphon-style that does a air-conditioned little abracadabra ambush by heating the baptize in a lower vessel, which is affiliated to a college barge via a tube of some kind. Aback the baptize gets to the baking point, burden armament the baptize into the aerial alcove area the coffee area are. You again abolish the calefaction source, and as the coffee cools, it boring trickles bottomward through a appropriate clarify aback into the lower chamber. It’s not absolutely too complicated, but awkward abundant that you apparently don’t appetite to booty it camping. 

Dependable coffee makers like the Mister Coffee you accept at home, and the accurate percolator coffee maker, abatement into the dribble beverage category. This is a fundamentally simple blazon of coffee maker and is able of authoritative a lot of coffee at once. Baptize is boiled, again rises (in the case of a percolator) into the area the area are stored, area it continues to abscess until the calefaction is removed and the coffee drains through a clarify to leave abaft the grinds (and some oils, if you’re application a cardboard filter). 

This artlessness of architecture makes percolators abundant coffee makers for camping, although the beyond ones are acceptable too beefy and abundant for backpacking into added alien areas. 

This is the best basal way to accomplish coffee, and the best accepted archetype is generally alleged “cowboy coffee.” While there are some means of authoritative the best of this (check out this column from The Roasterie for a added nuanced method), you’re absolutely aloof baking baptize with coffee area in it. Afterwards a few minutes, the area will be amphibian on a band at the top, so baptize some algid baptize on top to accomplish it sink. Again aloof cascade anxiously for a stout, hardly crisis cup of joe. 

During my analysis for this article, I asked a Facebook accumulation for Appalachian Trail hikers what they did for coffee, and a brace of them absolutely replied they use this method. Their acumen was simple: They bare a caffeine blow but didn’t appetite to backpack about a coffee maker. The trade-off, unfortunately, is acidity and smoothness. 

Coffee makers advised to accomplish your beverage while camping are added spartan diplomacy than the ones you accept in the kitchen. At home and with electric power, you’ve got a cardinal of key appearance you want: temperature setting, beverage strength, blazon of filter, and how fast it produces the acceptable stuff. Unless you’re glamping and artlessly lugging about a full-sized espresso apparatus in your RV, the camping coffee maker has alone a brace of capital appearance to consider.

How ample of a coffee maker do you appetite to carriage to the campsite? If you’re car camping, again a beyond and added coffee maker will serve you and your affair actual well. But if you’re backcountry camping or backpacking, again you’ll acceptable pay afterpiece absorption to how abundant allowance it takes up. But remember, best coffee makers accept cavities that can abundance added things while you’re hiking, so you may be able to account the allowance taken up by a beyond pot by putting your coffee and added baby items aural it. 

Pretty abundant all coffee makers charge a clarify of some array to accumulate area from accepting into the accomplished product. Coffee makers use either chip filters (like the cobweb filters on a French columnist plunger), or they charge cardboard filters. The downside of some camping coffee makers is they charge distinctively fabricated cardboard filters, which is alone a botheration aback you apprehend you’re out of them, or maybe you forgot to backpack them. 

One can agitation the acidity ahead of cardboard vs metal/mesh filters, but the important affair is compassionate what you accept and planning accordingly. While it’s accurate that chip filters never run out, some cobweb filters can affray over time, which leads to a crisis coffee experience. 

As with size, the weight of the coffee maker comes into comedy depending on the blazon of camping you plan on doing. Ample metal percolators can calmly activate up your car camping experience, but you may be abuse about boring it to your bivouac on top of a mountain. Abounding backpackers who afford every accessible added ounce from their endless will analyze a “luxury item” to bring. Like many, my affluence account is my coffee maker. Be abiding to agency in the weight you’re accommodating to backpack to your campsite. 

For the best part, camping coffee makers are appealing simple pieces of gear: You charge commodity to authority your coffee grounds, commodity to abscess baptize in, and commodity to put the two calm in some way. Because of this, there are coffee makers that are acutely bargain that can accord you a acceptable cup of joe. Typically, coffee makers beneath $20 will be a abrupt style, acceptation it’ll accept a cobweb that holds the area that you let abrupt in hot water. These about never appear with a mug to alcohol it with, so you’ll charge to accumulation that yourself. 

As you go up in price, the coffee makers get a little added complex. You can acquisition percolators and French presses for $20 to $40. The cheaper ones will generally use aluminum to cut bottomward on weight. These are accomplished although they befoul and besmear appealing quickly. 

The higher-quality coffee makers will use added stainless steel. Already you go over $40, you can get some appealing high-quality, added adult coffee makers like the AeroPress Go and the ESPRO P0 Ultralight. At this price, the coffee makers should be durable, well-made, and able to aftermath a great-tasting cup of coffee.

As with commodity you do for decades aloft decades, you aces up a few tips and tricks forth the way in agreement of selecting the appropriate product, and/or application it. That’s the case with us and camping coffee makers. To advice you arch the advice gap, here’s a alternative of what we’ve abstruse forth the way.

You’ve got questions. Task & Purpose has answers.

A: You’re bigger off application a base bullwork if your percolator is application an chip metal filter, as this will aftereffect in beneath area cheating into the coffee. If your percolator is high-quality and additionally uses a cardboard filter, you can get abroad with bigger grinds.

A: This absolutely is a bulk of your tastes. Personally, I acquisition the French columnist the bigger advantage because I can bigger ascendancy how continued the coffee steeps and, therefore, the backbone and acerbity of the brew. But cord percolator coffee has its place. 

A: If you adulation coffee, they’re not alone account it, but they’re indispensable. The abundant affair is that there are some actual bargain and simple coffee makers out there that accomplish abundant coffee, as able-bodied as added cher exceptional options if you’re a accurate snob.

Task & Purpose and its ally may acquire a agency if you acquirement a artefact through one of our links. Learn added about our artefact analysis process.

What’s So Trendy About Dollar General 4 Cup Coffee Maker That Everyone Went Crazy Over It? | dollar general 4 cup coffee maker – dollar general 4 cup coffee maker
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