Mailing a Postcard – the mailroom.

Why It Is Not The Best Time For How To Fill Out A Postcard To Mail | how to fill out a postcard to mail

In the summer of 2018, a 54-year-old woman active in a Houston suburb—a woman I’ll alarm Denise—decided to aggrandize her amusing media horizons.

Mailing a Postcard – the mailroom
Mailing a Postcard – the mailroom | how to fill out a postcard to mail

“I’m not a amusing media butterfly,” she tells me. “I’m about ambuscade on Facebook to see what my daughters are accepting up to, but 2018 was a politically answerable year. Twitter seemed like a acceptable appointment to pop in and draft off some steam.”

Denise was alive as a freelance writer, which included accessories for business publications as able-bodied as autograph accumulated manuals. She was additionally alive on a adjustment that was allotment memoir, allotment acerbic booty on accustomed events. Her backroom were boilerplate and about in the average of the road, and she was accessible about not actuality religious in a actual religious allotment of the country. Her autograph showed that she was smart, funny, and admired sarcasm.

Two years earlier, her bedmate of 28 years had died afterwards a action with colon cancer. He’d congenital a aggregation that complete accommodation complexes in Texas and they had done able-bodied together, accession about $1 amateur in savings. Denise was still convalescent emotionally from his death, and she wasn’t attractive for a new relationship. But with her two developed daughters out of the house, Denise had some time on her calmly and was attractive to collaborate with others.

“My Twitter contour wasn’t exceptional. My annual absolutely wasn’t glamorous. Setting up my annual I followed some politicians, some of my admired bedrock bands, beastly rights activists, nonprofit organizations, and ecology groups,” she says.

And she additionally followed some celebrities, decidedly if they had bidding pro-environmental views.

About a ages afterwards creating her account, she accustomed her aboriginal clandestine bulletin through the app. It appeared to be from one of the celebrities she had followed, Leonardo DiCaprio.

“Hello, Denise,” she remembers the bulletin saying.

“So what’s your absolute name?” she responded.

“Leonardo DiCaprio,” they replied.

“Yeah, right,” she messaged, and logged off.

Photo Illustration by Luis G. Rendon/The Circadian Beast/Getty

Over the abutting few days, she connected to acquire clandestine belletrist from “DiCaprio,” who explained that Fridays and weekends were his busiest time, but he was chargeless to babble on added days.

“He was alive with Quentin Tarantino at the time, but he was affable and never appear too much. I did, however, apperceive about his filming agenda and a New York and European trip,” Denise recalls. “I abstruse of these trips able-bodied afore the advice hit the internet.”

Comparing what she was acquirements from “DiCaprio” in the clandestine belletrist with what was appear about him in the columnist alone anchored for her that she was absolutely chatting with the Oscar-winning brilliant of The Aviator. Soon, their chat agitated over from Twitter to texting anniversary added on their phones.

“He abstruse that I admired to cook. We were texting one night aback I was authoritative bootleg ravioli, and he said that Camila bare to apprentice how,” she says, apropos to DiCaprio’s girlfriend, Camila Morrone, who in summer 2018 had aloof angry 21. (DiCaprio was 43.)

“We developed a agitating accord aural a brace months and he consistently insisted that I alarm him ‘Leo,’” Denise remembers. And afore long, she got to allege to him directly.

“Our aboriginal buzz alarm was brief, about as if he placed it to ensure me that it was him. There was no mistaking his voice,” she claims.

But buzz calls were difficult for him, she adds, and not alone because he said Camila was eavesdropping and approved to acquire in.

Soon enough, she abstruse that there was a far added alarming attendance in “Leo’s” activity that fabricated talking on the buzz difficult, and aloof about aggregate abroad as well.

“Leonardo DiCaprio,” Denise discovered, was allegedly actuality subjected to enslavement by the Abbey of Scientology.

Denise was built-in in England, the babe of a U.S. Air Force airman and a British mother. She had developed up on air bases in places like New Zealand and Turkey, but she consistently advised Texas home.

She was aloft Catholic but drifted abroad from it. She abounding academy for a brace of years but larboard afore finishing her degree. She had met her bedmate in a bar in Austin and a few years afterwards they were affiliated and started a family, she boarded on her freelancing career. Besides the accumulated autograph and the memoir, she was additionally alive on a clear atypical with her oldest babe aback “DiCaprio” began messaging her.

They were anon afire up several altered platforms in their connected conversations: Twitter clandestine messages, Gmail hangouts, and email. He alike awkward in a few rushed buzz calls, but she adopted the online chats.

“We had a lot in accustomed and some abundant laughs. I jokingly alleged him a ‘pedophile’ because of the accouchement he dates. But he bound adapted me,” she says. “Leo” told her he had absolutely had one of his best allusive relationships with an earlier woman.

Denise aggregate with him some of her daughter’s artwork on the clear novel, and he was taken aback. “I was blind that Leo’s father, George DiCaprio, had a accomplishments in comics, because Leo kept best claimed capacity abutting to his chest. He was, however, acutely accessible with his feelings,” she recalls.

“This guy grew on me bound and it abashed me. I acquire it was August aback he aboriginal said that he admired me.”

Most of their conversations, however, were kept light.

“We discussed barmy things like our admired foods, his actuality pasta. His admired blush was green, abundance was purple. I told ‘Leo’ cool things that I rarely allotment with anyone, like whenever I capital my daughters to apperceive that I admired them I texted them with two affection emojis. A amethyst affection represented me and the additional affection was their admired color. ‘Leo’ anticipation this attitude was alluring and asked if he and I could use it. We did. Subsequently, blooming and amethyst hearts brindled our chats. ‘Leo’s’ admired attribute was infinity—a alongside bulk eight. He would generally use the beyond symbol.”

Later, that attribute took on a abundant added adverse aspect, she says, aback “DiCaprio” told her for the aboriginal time that he was acutely complex in Scientology. (In some Scientology texts by architect L. Ron Hubbard, the use of the beyond attribute is prominent.)

“My abdomen recoiled,” she remembers.

And then, Leo collapsed with her: He produced for her a letter accounting to him on abbey letterhead.

“It accustomed that he pay $750,000 to accomplish his obligations,” she says. “Leo” anon appear that all of his own claimed wealth, hundreds of millions of dollars, was absolutely actuality controlled by the church, and he couldn’t get admission to any of it unless he paid the $750,000 sum.

How to Write a Postcard (with Pictures) - wikiHow - how to fill out a postcard to mail
How to Write a Postcard (with Pictures) – wikiHow – how to fill out a postcard to mail | how to fill out a postcard to mail

““Leo” anon appear that all of his own claimed wealth, hundreds of millions of dollars, was absolutely actuality controlled by the church, and he couldn’t get admission to any of it unless he paid the $750,000 sum.”

“That’s aback my daydream began,” Denise says. “‘Leo’ accustomed that he bare my abetment and had boilerplate to turn. He admired his parents, claimed to acquire issues with his half-sister, but said he had to accomplish his ‘big’ move. He asked if I could possibly get a accommodation to advice him alpha advantageous the abbey off. I was shocked. The abbey and his administration aggregation had ascendancy over his banking diplomacy and his absolute life. He couldn’t do annihilation afterwards their approval, including traveling or authoritative any aloft purchases. They organized and paid for his existence. He accustomed afresh that his accord with Camila Morrone was abiding by the church.”

She was abashed by what “DiCaprio” told her about the admeasurement of his chains to the church, which he referred to in belletrist as “the CSI,” for Abbey of Scientology International.

“‘Leo’ alleged the CSI a ‘brotherhood’ and said his administration aggregation and agents were mostly Scientologists,” she says. His banknote was actuality captivated in abstruse vaults that were active on one of Scientology’s California properties. “He said the CSI was accusable of animal trafficking, slavery, rape, and every banking abomination beneath the sun.”

“Leo” abreast Denise that baronial associates were accustomed as “delegates” and referred to abbey baton David Miscavige as “his Holiness.” And he let her in on the abstruse way that Scientologists articular added delegates.

“‘Leo’ said that macho assembly generally acquire a baby annular blister or divot on their forehead —typically anchored aloft the larboard eye but not always. This baby divot isn’t accessible unless you’re attractive for it, but it resembles a abysmal craven pox scar, but it is added unique. The divot allows college assembly to calmly analyze their counterparts,” Denise says. And already she knew to attending for the mark, she began spotting it on abundant macho celebrities who haven’t been about affiliated with the church. (Leonardo DiCaprio and the Abbey of Scientology did not acknowledge to requests for animadversion for this story.)

“Leo” abashed her with descriptions of ritual ache agitated out by Scientology, which was recorded on video. “He declared pagan, paleolithic-type rituals and ceremonies. He participated, admitting he claimed he was drugged. The rituals included animals as able-bodied as humans,” she says.

What he said abashed her so much, she began to anguish not alone for his safety, but her own as well.

“What he declared prompted me to acquirement my aboriginal gun for protection,” she says.

“What he declared prompted me to acquirement my aboriginal gun for protection.”

Despite her antecedent abnegation to advice DiCaprio, as September 2018 began she was acceptable assertive that this man who said he admired her absolutely bare her aid.

“Leonardo DiCaprio” capital to breach chargeless of Scientology forever, but he couldn’t do it afterwards the banking abetment of a burghal Houston widow.

On September 7, Denise beatific $6,000 in a wire alteration to a man alleged Kenneth in Woodstock, Georgia, who “Leo” said was one of his trusted aides.

It was the aboriginal acquittal of many.

Putting calm a cardboard aisle of Denise’s captivation with “DiCaprio” has been difficult because the computer she was application in 2018 and 2019 comatose and she absent years of data. She gave the apparatus to a accretion able and hopes to retrieve its information.

But amid annal she was able to admission from her bank, as able-bodied as added abstracts she supplied to assorted FBI agents and that she advisedly angry over to me, I was able, with her help, to allotment calm a adequately abundant accounting of her payments.

That accounting shows that by the end of 2018, Denise had fabricated payments to six altered bodies accretion $256,000.

Her communications at the time reflect that she was awfully conflicted about it, assertive at times she was actuality scammed, but added generally assertive that she and “DiCaprio” were the victims, and that Scientology was the culprit.

Today, for example, she says that a simple buzz alarm from “DiCaprio” accustomed that he was who he said he was. But an email she beatific him in November 2018 that I empiric shows commodity different.

“Your alone blast alarm to me was from a man with a actual aberrant accent, who anon afraid up on me,” she wrote then. “You aria to me several times and you debris to prove who you are to me, not alike through snail mail. And your adventure continues to change, about daily. You’re not consistent, at all.”

But she was afresh abashed to see “proof” of his accuracy in added ways. He beatific her a screenshot, for example, assuming that he had dared to, actual briefly, column Denise’s photo on his own blue-check accessible Twitter annual afore demography it down.

And in December 2018, DiCaprio was photographed while visiting Art Basel in Miami, and in one of the photographs appear in assorted magazines he has a hardly absorption look. For Denise, it was beauteous affidavit of what “Leo” had been cogent her in their chats—that Scientology’s stalking had become unbearable, and that he was abreast a breaking point.

“These images assertive me that I had to advice ‘Leo’ escape the Abbey of Scientology. I couldn’t brainstorm anyone actuality so tormented,” she says.

Photo Illustration by Luis G. Rendon/The Circadian Beast/Getty

She additionally saw acceptation in the amounts that he was allurement for, consistently multiples of $5,000 or $50,000.

“I abstruse that the Abbey of Scientology accuse $5,000 for a Lifetime associates and the Patron-level memberships were $50,000. I accused ‘Leo’ a few times of advantageous abbey fees for associates that he had recruited, but he neither denied nor accustomed my accusations.”

After Denise had beatific him added than a quarter-million dollars by the end of the year, in January 2019 DiCaprio was spotted aerial commercial, and he told the columnist that it had to do with his ecology concerns. But for Denise, it accustomed that Scientology controlled his purse strings, and he was affected to economize.

By March 2019, she was authoritative her better payments so far, sending a brace of $71,500 cashier’s checks to a aggregation in New Jersey that “Leo” said was run by a acquaintance of his. But afresh there was a problem: “Leo” said he didn’t get the money. Aback Denise arrested with her bank, they assured her that the cashier’s checks had been delivered and cashed.

This would afresh become a active controversy, and added to the amazing bearings for Denise. “DiCaprio” added complained that he was alone accepting allotment of her payments, as they both doubtable that, already again, Scientology had begin a way to ambush the money.

On March 21, 2019, “Leo” asked Denise to assurance and notarize a abnormally worded letter which asserted that she and the New Jersey business had a academic adjustment apropos wildlife conservation: “We address to acquaint you that my aggregation wishes to go into wildlife attention with your aggregation with the aim of accepting an compassionate in the act of ancestry animals of altered kinds for animal benefits. We will charge to assignment out the acceding and acceding of the business in due time but aboriginal we will acquire to get the annual in accepting some assertive things such as the bulk of animals, machineries and added abstracts which will accommodate the acreage space.”

When I told Denise that it appeared “Leo” was accepting her assurance and notarize a apocryphal business adjustment in adjustment to adumbrate the purpose of her payments, she objected, adage already afresh it was to assure “Leo” from Scientology’s interference.

But alike she, by this time, knew that commodity was actual wrong.

Eine Postkarte verschicken: 5 Schritte (mit Bildern) – wikiHow - how to fill out a postcard to mail
Eine Postkarte verschicken: 5 Schritte (mit Bildern) – wikiHow – how to fill out a postcard to mail | how to fill out a postcard to mail

In April 2019 she fabricated her aboriginal analysis with the FBI, speaking with a appropriate abettor in Newark—not, she tells me, because she advised to about-face in “Leo,” but because she insisted that she and “Leo” were actuality ripped off by the Abbey of Scientology in the guise of the third parties that she had been sending the money to in Georgia, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey.

“In April 2019 she fabricated her aboriginal analysis with the FBI, speaking with a appropriate abettor in Newark—not, she tells me, because she advised to about-face in “Leo,” but because she insisted that she and “Leo” were actuality ripped off by the Abbey of Scientology.”

Denise told “Leo” about the FBI agent, and she told him she was done sending money.

“Leo” knew that she bare some reassurance. On April 24, he beatific her a diffuse bulletin in a analytical approximation of American English:

To the woman who owns my heart. I started flirting with you because you were the hottest babe I had anytime laid my eyes on admitting seeing millions and bags about my profession and my aggress [sic] the #HOLLYWOOD. Now I acquire collapsed in adulation with you because you acquire the best admirable affection I acquire anytime felt. I adulation you. If I could be annihilation I would be your tear, so I could be built-in in your eye, alive bottomward your audacity and die on your lips. My thoughts are chargeless to go anywhere, but it’s hasty how generally they arch in your direction. Your adulation is the alone armor I charge to action all of this life’s battles. Afore I was in a accord with you, I was adversity from charge phobia. Afterwards actuality in a accord with you, I am adversity from an addiction alarm [sic] love.

In adjustment to accomplish abiding that their communications were defended and not actuality intercepted by Scientology, on May 1 Denise ordered added than $6,000 in appropriate iPhones and Apple Watches to be beatific to a man in Georgia, afresh a actuality “Leo” said was a abutting friend.

Then, afterwards in the month, Denise accomplished a moment of clarity. In an email she told him, “We hit it off about instantly but you were the one who approached me, not carnality versa. You alleged me and I’m analytical why you did. You are belled for dating actual adolescent women. I’m not absolutely your type. I’m accepting a difficult time compassionate why all of a abrupt your aftertaste in females afflicted so drastically. It makes no faculty whatsoever unless you bare a added complete woman, with some banking solvency, for added means. Our online discussions are amazing, best of the time. However, they consistently end up with you defective money and my giving it. This has and still does accomplish me feel like I’m actuality scammed… I will, however, acquire that you do apperceive actual abundant about the intricate capacity of that cult.”

Then, aloof a few canicule later, she accustomed to him that she wasn’t actuality absolutely accurate with the Newark FBI appropriate abettor in adjustment to assure “Leo.” And on June 7, she opened up to him in a arresting statement:

I aloof had to get this off of my chest. [My husband]’s deathbed was set up in our active room. I was his babysitter 24/7 and the aftermost words he said were, ‘I adulation you.’ His admirable dejected eyes remained opened but I, of course, bankrupt them. I don’t anamnesis how connected I sat on that busy hospital bed captivation him tightly. I don’t alike bethink who I alleged first. I was absolutely catatonic— in shock. [My husband] was far from perfect, but he was absolute for me. If I had my affection I would rather it acquire been me who died, abrogation him to accord with this abject affair alleged life. But I’m boxy and somehow I’ve gotten through it— alike admitting I still cry circadian because I absence him so much. He wasn’t aloof my husband—he was my best friend. Afresh you entered my apple in a actual abnormal fashion—online. You and I acquire never met in person. We’ve never hugged, kissed, fabricated love, or alike had long, heated, ever animal blast conversations. The chat ‘fraud’ has appear up about you abounding times, too. And if you anticipate actuality beneath FBI analysis has been pleasurable, you’re asleep wrong. I opened my burst affection to you, fell in adulation with you and I still don’t acquire how that’s alike possible. Maybe it’s because I’m aloof too giving and I am far too vulnerable. Yet, I did accelerate money to your agents or bent accompany on your annual for over a year. And, yes, I did lie for you several times, including to the FBI, which goes adjoin my every grain. And DAILY you still ask for added money from me, as if I haven’t already done abundant or I’m STILL not accomplishing abundant for you. I accumulate aggravating to acquaint you that I acquire no added money to offer. You don’t acquire me and it hurts my animosity greatly. You affirmation this is all for the annual of ‘us’ and ‘our’ future. How am I to acquire that, aback I’m still accepting a actual difficult time acceptable myself that you are who you say you are.

Two weeks later, Denise fabricated a alteration of $50,000 to a Navy Federal Credit Union annual in the name of a woman alleged “Celestina” for “wildlife conservation.” And afresh addition alteration the aforementioned day for $20,000.

By the end of 2019, Denise had beatific “DiCaprio,” through his go-betweens, $620,455.

A antecedent I acquire accustomed for several years, a above Scientologist who has accustomed me annihilation but solid advice about the abbey in that time, had a catechism for me aback I told them that I was alive on a adventure about Leonardo DiCaprio and Scientology.

“You apperceive about the bobcat posse, right?” they asked.

They were apropos to a belled 1998 New York annual commodity by Nancy Jo Sales that apparent for the beyond apple that adolescent amateur Leo DiCaprio was amidst by a scrum of added adolescent guys on the accomplish who were mowing bottomward women like time itself was about to run out.

My antecedent was able-bodied acquainted with that arena at the time, and reminded me that one of the associates of Leo’s aggregation was Scientologist-actor Ethan Suplee.

Through Ethan, my antecedent says, Leo had approved acquaintance with added Scientologist Hollywood types.

But my antecedent says it was actual acclaimed in the accumulation that if Leo and his “wolf pack” had few rules, there was one that cartel not be violated: Leo would acquire none of that Scientology horseshit.

“Everyone knew it,” they say. “Ethan was in the aggregation and Leo was about a lot of Scientologists, but we all knew that the aphorism was, he didn’t appetite to apprehend annihilation about it.”

Another of my sources witnessed the aforementioned affair herself, but from central Scientology’s Hollywood Celebrity Centre.

She was physically present aback Suplee was asked by the Celebrity Centre’s then-president, Karen Hollander, to ambition DiCaprio for recruitment.

“Ethan said no fucking way,” says my additional source.

As far as I acquire been able to ascertain, DiCaprio has managed to accumulate Scientology at arm’s length.

In their years of conversations and banking transactions, both Denise and “Leo” acclimated Scientology to explain any alterity or misunderstanding.

For example, “Leo’s” autograph appearance seemed to change over the years, like it was the assignment of four or bristles altered people. But he explained that abroad by adage he had to beard his assignment because Scientology was watching. Denise, meanwhile, absolved what FBI agents told her by acumen that they didn’t acquire the admeasurement of Scientology’s reach.

But alike with those justifications to abatement aback on, in 2020 and 2021 Denise became added alert and beatific “Leo” beneath money. As a result, “DiCaprio” and his agents started to get added aggressive. One woman in particular, “Merlinda Guzman,” who claimed to be an abettor of the Abbey of Scientology, was absolute abusive.

“I am Merlinda Guzman of the Abbey of Scientology of Love, Intellect, and Luminous,” she had alien herself in August 2020. Later, she threatened Denise that if she didn’t accelerate added funds, she would never get any of her money back. “Guzman” messaged a photo of herself captivation a cashier’s analysis fabricated out to Denise for $878,000—what Denise had beatific and afresh some—mocking her that she would never get it unless she cooperated.

“Leo” said he was agitated about this and in September 2020 beatific Denise a archetype of an email he had accounting to Scientology baton David Miscavige, accusatory about “Merlinda’s” duplicity.

“Hello my baby worthy,” Leo’s bulletin to Miscavige began, allurement him to argue “Merlinda” to apologize to Denise for her behavior “on annual of the alliance as the sole administrator of the lath and Holiness.”

By March 2021, and with the advice of a additional FBI appropriate agent, Denise told “Leo” that she had assuredly accomplished that “Leo” and “Merlinda’s” emails were basic from alfresco the U.S. In response, “Leo” gave her an apocalyptic warning: “You acquire no abstraction what the alliance is absolutely able of.”

The additional bisected of 2021 and aboriginal months of this year were abounding with added awful exchanges about how Denise’s absolute payments had accomplished $813,000 and that she was assured him to accomplish acceptable on it.

“By March 2021, and with the advice of a additional FBI appropriate agent, Denise told “Leo” that she had assuredly accomplished that “Leo” and “Merlinda’s” emails were basic from alfresco the U.S. In response, “Leo” gave her an apocalyptic warning: “You acquire no abstraction what the alliance is absolutely able of.””

Her best contempo exchanges acquire been with a man alleged “Derek” who says he works for “Leo” and who claims he is aggravating to accelerate Denise the absolute bulk she’s owed in a box abounding of cash.

How to Write a Postcard (with Pictures) - wikiHow - how to fill out a postcard to mail
How to Write a Postcard (with Pictures) – wikiHow – how to fill out a postcard to mail | how to fill out a postcard to mail

Denise arrested with one of the FBI agents who accustomed that it would not be a acceptable abstraction to acquire a box with about a amateur in banknote inside, as she could be answerable with money laundering. She told the Chinese aggregation that was allegedly allurement to accelerate the money to abolish the delivery.

“Derek” has connected to accelerate Denise emails, cogent her now that he could bear the $813,000 she was owed by “Leo,” but she would aboriginal charge to accelerate $5,000 to awning fees that would “release” the funds.

She had been audition that for about two years.

Finally, on March 17, Denise beatific an email to me, adage that she had advice about “Leo DiCaprio” aggravating to leave Scientology, and that she had texts and emails to prove it.

A few weeks ago, afterwards added than a ages of acquisition Denise’s hundreds of documents, I alleged her and told her that aural account of aboriginal audition from her, I had formed two able impressions. And afterwards weeks of acquisition added detail and records, those impressions hadn’t changed.

First, I told her, I knew that it wouldn’t do any acceptable to acquaint Denise what she had already heard from two FBI agents and addition Department of Justice specialist: that she wasn’t, actually, talking with Leonardo DiCaprio, the actor.

Instead, I capital to focus on my additional impression. Denise had accomplished out to me because she knew that I had spent years autograph about the Abbey of Scientology. I’ve talked to hundreds of Scientologists and I’ve appear with them in writing, and I’ve apprehend hundreds of architect L. Ron Hubbard’s aboriginal writings and lectures.

I acquire never been a Scientologist myself, but I acquire a acceptable activity for how Scientologists allege and write, and am accustomed with its appropriate jargon.

And I told her that the bodies scamming her didn’t apperceive the aboriginal affair about Scientology.

All the allocution about a “brotherhood,” and “delegates,” and “his Holiness” was all wrong, I told her.

Yes, she had been beatific belletrist on what appeared to be Abbey of Scientology letterhead, but it was abominably faked. The scammers, who had done some appointment on DiCaprio, had acutely done about none at all aback it comes to Scientology.

But they didn’t absolutely charge to. It was accessible that Denise was bushing in the gaps for them.

Time and again, I acicular out to her, she was the one advancing up with the capacity and associations and justifications for what the scammers were adage and proposing.

The sad accuracy was, she capital to acquire it was all real.

Denise told me she wasn’t acquainted that in March 2020, the Department of Justice appear the arrest of 24 scammers in the Atlanta area, abounding of them Nigerians, for active assorted internet schemes, including affair scams.

I acicular out that three of the men in Georgia Denise had beatific money to amid 2018 and 2022 had Nigerian aftermost names, commodity she tells me she didn’t notice.

Another consequence I formed, afterwards poring through hundreds of her argument conversations with “Leo,” was that she was bushing in a lot of the gaps there too.

Her contributions in those conversations were amusing and warm, or playfully sarcastic. She was a abstruse woman with a advantageous faculty of amusement who would accompany amore and ablaze to any relationship.

But the guy (or rather, aggregation of guys) she’d been conversing with? He had about annihilation absorbing to say. He had pat answers, apparently fatigued from scripts, and no faculty of humor.

She was bushing in all of the things she said she saw in him. The “Leo DiCaprio” that she had collapsed in adulation with was a conception of her own mind.

I wasn’t abiding how Denise was activity to react, but she didn’t complete defensive. She had appear to me because I had some compassionate of Scientology, and she accustomed what I said—that Scientology had annihilation to do with what she’d been activity through.

Photo Illustration by Luis G. Rendon/The Circadian Beast/Getty

She fabricated it complete like a weight was actuality aerial off her shoulders, but I didn’t apprehend that she could so calmly agitate off commodity that had become a aloft allotment of her activity for four years.

After giving “Leo” a admirable absolute of $813,000, the all-inclusive majority of her activity savings, she still had some money, and an big-ticket car she could sell. She wouldn’t lose her abode or annihilation like that. But her adeptness to advice out her daughters financially had been actively undercut. She knew, with added authoritativeness than before, that she would never get her money back.

While she captivated the news, I beatific texts to both “Leo” and “Merlinda,” and emailed “Derek,” the best contempo agent, who had been allurement Denise for $5,000.

I never heard aback from any of them.

Seven canicule afterwards that conversation, I asked Denise if she had heard annihilation from the scammers.

“Nope, I haven’t heard annihilation from them. There ability be a God afterwards all,” she replied.

She said she was accessible to move forward, which articulate positive, alike if she still had some acrimonious doubts. There was the way “Leo” seemed to consistently apperceive area DiCaprio was. How did he administer that? And she was still puzzled by the emphasis she heard aback they spoke, which wasn’t Nigerian as far as she knew. “It was added Italian, and generally German.” She wondered about the way he had wept aback he talked about a Scientology admission ritual.

“I assumption I’ll never get these answers,” she says. But she’s beholden she was able to get some help.

“This has been a daydream that I badly bare to deathwatch up from.”

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